27 weeks today! Thus begins the third trimester! Yay! It’s all downhill from here… 😉

Todays appt went very well – all is “textbook.” 🙂 Blood pressure, urine, etc. all normal. Except for my hip and heartburn, I’d have nothing to complain about. Well, feeling large and heavy too… But, all the important stuff is just as it should be. I’m even measuring exactly the number of weeks that I am. 🙂

The heartbeat was lower today for baby…which throws off my prediction a little. Oh wait. I wasn’t going to make one… 😉

Baby was posterior so it made palpitation a little more difficult. The apprentice had to spend longer trying to determine “parts”…so I laid on my back longer than was comfortable…which actually happens within a minute or two so it’s not her fault. 😉 Anyway, one of the midwives really “got in there” to show her and ooch! those round ligaments weren’t so happy when I got home. Baby just seemed to being laying “funny” though too so a rest on the couch got the little one to move to a different position and then I felt better. 🙂

So, now it’s visits every two weeks. We’re really getting excited! 😀