28 weeks today!!! 12 weeks to go.

Or, 7 months today…3 months to go! Not sure which sounds better… 😉

At any rate, I’m feeling large and ackward and itchy. My hip/hips aches so much at times I’m having trouble sleeping…on top of the already pregnancy induced insomnia.

On a more positive note, the maternity shopping trip last week went well and now I feel like I have just enough items to get me comfortably through the end of this pregnancy. On one hand, I look at it compared to how many weeks I actually have left and it almost feels like I went overboard seeings how I won’t be wearing these things soon. On the other hand, not really! 😉 I found a dress and two skirts and 4 tops. Added to the slim pickin’s I had, it’s plenty. 🙂 Oh, and some tights too. There are just some things socks don’t look right with… 😉

I’m getting a little concerned about my plans to get everything cleared up and/or out… The progress is still too slow to really satisfy me completely…but it is progress. Somedays I’m content with that…other days I’m not. 😛 🙄 All I can do is stick with it of course and whatever is done when the time comes is done and that’s that. If I push myself too much, I really pay physically. It’s a delicate balance and it’s frustrating. My dh is ready to step in at anytime and take over…but I’ve experienced that before… We just don’t have the same approach/organizational ideas about it. I’m still recovering from the inspection for the failed appraisal/refinance attempt a few months ago. Finding things in odd places… My file cabinet for example…found children’s toys/drawings and some other odds and ends stuffed in there… 🙄 So, while I’d appreciate the help, for him it’s an all or nothing kind of thing. He’s in charge and a whirlwind. I like to be in charge too (mostly so I don’t have to go back and re-do thus not saving any work or time) and I have more of a steady/planned approach. Or so I think in my mind. To look around, I don’t think I’d guess it if I didn’t know me… Better? Worse? Better? Worse? It seems it had to get worse to get better… I’ve torn apart more areas of the house at once than I first intended or wanted. But, it’s turning out the only way. Some things have to move for other things to be put in their place and vise versa.

Anyway, I’m feeling great otherwise! 🙂 It’s funny, the above complaints aren’t really complaints, don’t bother me unless I’m dog-tired. Right now, I’m not tired so it seems like I should delete the above. 😉 In a few short hours though, I know I’ll be thining about/lamenting them again…so they’ll stay.

Please, just keep me in your prayers. For strength, perseverence, a quiet/gentle spirit, a positive outlook… Thanks! 😀