it pours…

Now it’s the refridgerator. It started to make a funny smell this morning…almost a burning type smell. Before the smell I noticed that the fridge portion wasn’t cold – just barely cool. (This was a “hand-me-down” about 6 years ago and has been “glitchy” off and on…) Then, I was getting something out of the freezer and moved the ice cream container and noticed it was soft. So, I opened the fridge portion again and checked the gauge. (This is when I also noticed little dribbles of water starting to run down the back from the freezer.) Turned it all the way up and waited. Turned it all the way down and waited. Turned it up again. Nothing. Then, the smell. I looked behind it as best I could…looking for objects, etc. that shouldn’t be there… Waited to see if the smell would pass. Finely, I nor the children could stand it any longer…me being pregnant…them just being children. 😉 So, I “tilted/moved” it the best I could in the state I’m in and had oldest dd reach in behind and unplug it. Perhaps it just needs cleaning… That’s what I’m hoping anyway. We only did a temporary fix on the furnace…so between that and this and the midwives and the doc/hopital lab (from last summer) and some other “hanging over head business debt” (that we’ve been struggling to finish paying of the last few years) and the car needing some serious work… ***sigh*** The proverbial straw…it has the potential to really be depressing. But, I’m handling it ok. Taking it in stride. It seems it’s “always something.” I’m almost getting used to it. 🙄 God has always provided through all these years though. And, I trust Him to continue to do so. Some how. Some way. Usually in a way we least expect it.

There! See? My brain just thought of a “blessing in disguise” while I was typing this! My fingers going “clickity-clack”, I was thinking that by this evening I’ll have to empty the stuff from the fridge into a box and put everything outside. (That wasn’t the blessing I was getting to…but there you are! Another! We can be thankful for the COLD temps outside rather than lamenting them for a change! 😉 With the furnace on the fritz, you can believe it’s *lament*! 🙄 ) Which means, everything will freeze so I better find a spot near the garage door to put things we don’t want to freeze there. Which means I’ll probably want to find the cooler first. Freezing things made me remember that we will actually be getting the *freezer* we have been in need of/desiring in a few months – FREE!!! Why that’s “in desguise” is because it is a “gift” from two German fellows who have been coming from Germany every year for years to stay and fish at my parents “fish camp.” They are both in their mid-80’s and they called my parents recently to sadly tell them that they think the trip has now gotten too hard for them and they won’t be coming any more. 😦 They have really become friends… My parents camp was theraputic after one of the men’s wife died. One had health problems while here one year and my parents were able to visit and provide friendly support while he was in the hospital briefly. Much more than “clients” now for sure. Anyway, they had purchased a freezer to store their gobs and gobs of salmon during each of their visits until they could be processed for shipping. So, really, it’s brand new. Not used more than a few weeks each year for I at least a handful of years. They said my parents could keep it or do whatever they wanted with it! Since they already have a freezer, they are giving it to us!! 😀 See? God provides in ways we least expect Him to! I’m so thankful – how could I be “down” when He does good things like that for us?!

So, while it will be tight trying to squeeze out the cost of a new (used) refridgerator…it will happen. I might have to use “the great outdoors” for a few days/weeks until we can allocate what we need to to it…but it will happen.

OR, maybe that old fridge just needs a good cleaning! 😉 Wouldn’t that be a blessing?!?!