2/08/05 3 (2 brown, 1 green)

2/09/05 4 (3 brown, 1 green)

2/10/05 4 (3 brown, 1 green)

2/11/05 4 (3 brown, 1 green)

Hmm. Seems I lost a day of tracking. Don’t know if I forgot on 2/7 or I had it written down and missed seeing it. I had those above transfered onto another piece of paper so I may have missed transfering that one too. Oh well. It seems it was probably less than 4 or 5 or it would have stuck in my mind… Speaking of “first time for everything” in regard to eggs, we had our first accidently broken one this past Thurs. Dear toddler boy was messing in the fridge when Daddy was getting something else out. I still had some in a bowl that I hadn’t put in a carton yet and he grabbed one…splat! We all stared in shock like it was gold or something. LOL 😆 Then, this morning cooking up some eggs, I opened up one with blood. Not just a blood “speck” but enough to tint the whites pick. Bleck. We gave it to the cats. 😉 This time they were happy to eat it as I cooked it in bacon grease. Picky rascles! Sure, eat dead squirrels and junk but refuse (unless otherwise altered) our fresh eggs! 🙄 LOL