It snowed a couple of days ago. Ended up with 2 inches of very wet heavy snow this time as it was mixed with freezing rain.

Total snow fall = 63 inches.

The weather the last three days or so has been wonderful! Mostly sunny, mostly blue sky and up to 46 -47° F!!! The eves are dripping like crazy and the warmth of the sun through the windows is very noticeable. I’m loving it! I’m itching to start some seeds…but I’m having self-control and holding out till around the first of March. I have to buy seeds this year as I used up most of my “left overs” last year and what I hadn’t used up got ruined when the roof of the temporary greenhouse caved after some rain. If we end up taking a family trip this year (details later as they are decided upon), then having as large a garden as I’d like won’t be feasible. Still, I’d like to get some tomato seeds and other things (not sure yet) and do *something*.

Funny how a snow report turned into a garden-look-ahead report… 😉