We had a dog a few years ago that was an adopted stray that had been hanging around our yard off and on every day for a week or so. Finally, his pathetic condition prompted us to call him to us rather than continue hoping he’d “go home” or someone would find him. He was young not a puppy…not more than a couple years old I’m guessing. He had a collar (ratty) but no tags. (Here in the city limits you need them but else where no. So, don’t know if he was from town or out.) Anyway, we kept him for a few months. First on a rope in the backyard. Chewed through a few – even a large tow rope. (Took him a while but he did it. πŸ™„ ) When he’d get loose, he’d just come up and lay by the sliding door where he could watch us. But, sometimes “wander lust” would get the best of him and off he’d go. Not wanting to have the “pet gestapo” get on our cases, we resorted to a chain. Didn’t chew through that! He got more and more hyper though and the chewing on the side of the shed and digging started. Our children were much smaller. They couldn’t go near him when chained up because he’d jump on them (being happy and friendly) and scratch them up. He absolutely wouldn’t listen to commands as long as he was chained. (Not to say he did better when not chained! πŸ™„ ) Sometimes when dh was home, he would let him loose. We evidenced that “crazed” look and racing! He would go absolutely nutty racing around the property, knocking over whatever happened to be in his way, quick turns one way then the other just as you described. I don’t think he ever ran completely out of our yard…maybe just to the two neighbors on either side…but there was no catching him if you tried. Goofy, goofy.

Anyway, long story coming to an end…we finally took him to the pound. Just had to. He wasn’t the dog for us although he liked us and we liked him. 😦 Neither dh or myself wanted or could take the time to “reabilitate” him (I think I was pg w/ #4…) and the children obviously were too young to do it. It was a tough thing. Dh still talks about it to this day and the children often wonder aloud about him. On a postitive note, one of our former renters did volunteer work at the shelter. It (the dog) came up during a conversation dh was having with him and he said he remembered a dog of that description and he thinks he got a home. Whether a permenent one or a foster one, we aren’t sure…but that he wasn’t euthenized made us happy. πŸ™‚

So, that’s my “dog story” for what it’s worth…