I’m back to short hair. Not exactly what I wanted… 😛 My hair was hip length…I could nearly sit on it. (If I put my head back while sitting down, I definitely could.) It was full of split ends though and had broken off so there were different lengths and it just was a frizzy mess near the bottom. I only wanted about 6 inches off. My dh wanted it shorter. I agreed to shoulder length. Whenever my hair has been this long, I put it in a ponytail and he cuts it off a little below the length I want and then I go into the hairdressers and have it trimmed/shaped up. I’ve had all one length hair for several years now…so it’s a no-big-deal-easy-thing-to-do sort of thing. It’s cyclical – every three years or so. Well, the children were still pretty little 3 years ago (or a little more) when my hair was much shorter…so they were excited and all crowded around to watch. ALL were giving advice or lamenting me having it done or whatever – CONFUSION reigned. Dh tired of hearing it all started cutting before I was fully prepared!!! 😯 My hair was in a scrunchie higher than I wanted rather than tight elastic band down lower. I was sitting on the bed rather than in a harder, straighter chair. OH DEAR! What a mess. 😦 I kept telling him shoulder length (to me) meant just below the point of the shoulder blade, he kept saying that’s where it was but thought shoulder meant to the top of the shoulder…I don’t care what everyone else means…I mean what I mean! So, now, my hair between chin and shoulder length after me trimming it up myself a bit yesterday. If I go to the hairdresser I’m sure I’ll come out with a “butch cut” in their attempt to “make it right.” UGH. Definitely not what I want! So, when my mother comes this weekend, I’ll have her finish evening up the ends for me and call it good for a few months until I have more length for a hairdresser to work with without me ending up with a “boy’s cut.” 😛 Imagine the difference…hip length hair…chin length hair!! 🙄

It’s not too bad really. I used the hairdryer for the first time in years and my “roller brush” and rolled the ends under yesterday. My dh says it looks good…he likes it. Oldest dd likes it. 2nd dd cried and cried and says she “hates” it. 😦 3rd dd doesn’t like it as much as my long hair but thinks it’s nice anyway. Son #1 is rather indifferent…son #2 just stared and stared! LOL 😆

Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now. My head is definitely “lighter” and hopefully the neck and head pains it causes on occasions will be less. Actually, I know they will be because I’ve been through this cycle before. Only one other time was this drastic though…

So, me with easier to manage hair through the end of this pregnancy and postpartum. Hmmm… If I’m brave enough, I’ll post before and after pics…probably after my mother helps me this weekend though. 😉