Just a quick update as I’m expecting my parents at any time…

I’m feeling much more even keeled this morning! 🙂 A few things contributed. First, dh made it a point to come home a bit earlier last night. He popped in in the later afternoon and I didn’t want to burden him with things he already knows but he insisted. 😉 I stated my needs matter of factly and he appreciates that very much. No tears, no feeling manipulated, etc. We just needed some time together even if it was sitting and starring at one another without anything to say. 😉 So he got home about 9pm and did bedtime, etc. and that was a great relief. Second, after he left in the afternoon I sent the children out to play for a while and then when they were good and tired, I let them watch two movies (something we rarely do – even just one) while I took an extended nap. I slept two hours pretty solidly. Third, baby changed positions and that was a huge relief also.

Baby changing positions had more of an impact than considered last night. I wasn’t really conscious of it but it’s lying obliquely had been bothering me quite a bit. I thought of it affecting my ankle but wasn’t really sure. Anyway, yesterday my abdomen was really strained. I had an awful pain in my left side, lying on my left side was miserable plus my left ankle was still really swollen. (Despite it all, I really had been feeling pretty well.) I took a long warm bath mid-morning and that seemed to help the muscles for quite a while so I was honestly able to tell the midwife that I felt fine. Well, soon after that and by the time dh showed up, I was miserable again. During my long nap, I could feel baby constantly moving…trying to fit a different way. By dinner time and bedtime for the children, I was noticing slight differences in how that side was feeling – for the better. This morning on waking, baby is definitely on the other side now, still a bit posterior, but not “crushing/pinching off” whatever s/he was. I know this factually because the swelling in my ankle is completely gone!!! 😀 So, my suspicions were correct and it’s nicely validated now. I had been changing my diet slightly in case that was the reason for the swelling…but I knew it would take longer to show effects…and, well, it was just this nagging thought in my head that it had to actually be baby’s position…although it really wasn’t a conscious thing a the same time. If that makes any sense. 😉

So, all is well now. My physical relief helps relieve me emotionally and mentally as well. Also, a bit of good news before dh left in the afternoon after talking to the car insurance company helped tremendously too. They will be covering all expenses and there isn’t anything that we need to do from here on out. 🙂 Yay!

Did I say a quick update? 😆 I have to fly now. Have a blessed weekend everyone! 😀