33 weeks today!!!

And not doing so hot. Been laid up on the couch for about three days and barely hobbling around since Monday. Tomorrow doesn’t look promising either. Lest anyone think I’m a big baby when it comes to this pregnancy hip pain, I’ve had at least two serious injuries to the one that’s giving me the most trouble and has me pretty near crippled. I have a high pain threshold. To have me “down for the count” with this, anyone who knows me, knows this is a bad thing. With my last birth, I got “stuck” kneeling on the floor just before pushing. Dh had to practically lift me/carry me to the birth chair. 😦 It’s greatly affecting getting the house/room ready of course. Academics are hit and miss. That doesn’t bother me too much as I changed plans and this was going to be our last month taking April off. Now, if it takes us March AND April to do all of March work…oh well. It will have gotten done and I will have gotten rest/other work done in between times. Anyway, I’m concerned. There’s no rhyme nor reason that my hip does this that I can tell. In fact, yesterday, one minute I was fine walking across the room briefly…the relief was great and surprising…the next minute I practically was picking myself up off the floor. 😦 So…I’m trying not to worry about how it’s going to act during this birth. I’m praying for healing…you could join me if you are so inclined.