I’m feeling about 50% better beginning yesterday! The Lord blessed me with some relief when I got up to get everyone ready for church and I was actually able to go myself!! We had been planning the last few days that I’d have to stay home and dh would try to keep everyone occupied away from the house for a while to really give me some rest. Praise the Lord! I was able to do what I had to, still enjoy my family and worship with our church family! That, in and of itself, was such a boost! πŸ™‚

I think I will have to lay down frequently still to maintain this level of relief. Cooking right now is my biggest challenge. Standing in the kitchen for too long really sends my back/hip out, etc. The older girls help a lot (and the youngest daughter and older son are getting some time in too) but we are still a little over 6 wks away from this little one coming and I don’t want to burn them out. Or us with simple fare. πŸ˜› There will be enough of that for a couple of months after! πŸ˜†

It seems I can’t do any one thing (except lay down) for longer than 5 mins. Standing, sitting, walking – all have to be varied freguently if I’m going to stay on top of this. Which is really annoying when you trying to accomplish one task before moving on to another. I had to drag a chair into the kitchen and I’ll have to put a chair near the folding table. πŸ™„

Anyway, this past week kinda put me in “crisis mode.” I just have to give up some of my expectations (as low as they seem to me already 😦 ). I’m just going to have to have dh bring home some boxes and I’ll deal with some of this stuff in a few months. Oooh, that sounds dreadful. πŸ™„ This seems to have spurred dh though too. He was the one just wanting to throw everything into boxes but Sat. and Sun. he dived into a couple of areas that he helped contribute to the mess and started sorting things out!! πŸ˜€ I think he realized he doesn’t really want to deal with it later either when he can deal with it now! It’s absolutely amazing what one can collect in 8 years (since we moved into this house). πŸ™„ And then, when you have to fit all of it into half the space…bleh. πŸ˜› It’s also amazing how slow going it is when you have to work and keep up with “regular” life (when there isn’t any definite deadline…like a new baby born at home isn’t!?! πŸ™„ ).

So, that’s how me (and baby!) are doing right now. Actually, baby is still the same. Moving a lot still, kicking and wanting more room, getting heavy. Since I’ve had to lay down so much though, I’ve been more aware of how much this little one interacts with all of us already. When the children are excitedly telling me something (or just making a bit of extra noise playing close by), the baby gets “excited” – squirming, kicking, etc. When I’ve been quiet for a while and then start talking to dh or someone else, baby “wakes up” and wants to be involved! πŸ™‚ As I’ve had more children, I know that I haven’t gotten to know each subsequent one in utero as I have the previous. I guess this “trial” is good in that it’s slowing me down and allowing me to get to know this little one better before s/he comes into the world. I really relish the intimacy and “privateness” a mother can have with her little one before it is born…and I didn’t have/hadn’t taken the time to really focus and enjoy that as much as I have in times past with this little one. Thank you Lord for allowing me to see this blessing amongst the hardship!

With that, I wish all of you reading a blessed week serving your families! πŸ™‚ I’m off to get started doing the same. πŸ˜€

PS – Happy Spring to everyone too! Although it’s “official”, it’s still a few weeks off for us despite the nice temps we’ve had lately. Those of you “down south”, enjoy some of it for us will you?! Until it arrives here… πŸ˜‰