My appt. was moved up a day. So I’m getting ready to leave here in a little while.

I can see there is something wrong with the blog comments… (I promise it wasn’t anything I did. πŸ˜‰ In fact, I didn’t work on this blog at all yesterday. Last night when I logged off, everything was fine. This morning on logging in, it’s not! 😯 ) My other 2 blogs look fine… Bare with me as I’ll have to work on it later.

* Update @ 5:45pm: The appt. went well. Another appt. in 2 weeks and then we are down to the 1 wk ones. Did I say that before? If so, I must have been a week off in my brain. Not hard to do these days… All is well and going “textbookly.” Measuring exactly the # of wks I am still. Average weight gain has been 3lbs between visits. Blood pressure was a little high…using the right arm. πŸ˜‰ Normal using the left. Protein and glucose negative. FHT (fetal heart rate) was the lowest it’s been despite the baby moving all over the place during the belly “exam.” Position is LOT. It has certainly liked that position although this is the first it’s been “recorded.” I informed them that baby is in this position frequently but must only move to a different before appts! S/he must have “forgotten” because today wasn’t actually supposed to be our appt day! πŸ˜† Blood testing next week for something I forget. No swelling, etc. My back/hip has continued to be as well as it was Sunday morning…which isn’t great BUT definitely better than the previous week. I’m certainly feeling the added weight gain in my lower back now. No more anxienty attacks about labor…I’m just very ready to have the baby on the outside rather than the inside! πŸ™‚ Q. often points to my belly saying, “Bayabee, bayabee.” And, I say, “Yes, big baby in there huh?” He nods and then very adamently says, “Bayabee – Out! Out!” He’s been loving on one of his sister’s baby dolls for a while now and I think he wants me to give him this one to love on! πŸ˜€ He certainly likes my friend Grace’s baby at church and very much wanted to hold him the Sunday before last. (Last Sun. the baby slept through the service and Q. missed seeing him. πŸ˜‰ ) So, he wants our baby “out” and so do I! πŸ˜† I think he’ll like fitting on my lap again better too…he looks back at my belly when he’s there like, “Man, can’t you scoot over?!” πŸ˜‰ He’ll be a wonderful big brother and I’m really looking forward to the fun times ahead! (Like walking normally isn’t exciting in and of itself right now! LOL)

While I’m here, although this (still) isn’t baby related, I’ll say that I’ve done a preliminary search on my comment problem. Seems I have a “damaged” table. I’m not terribly familiar with MySQL so…it may take me a while to repair this. I still must vary my activity a lot (that’s how this relates to the baby! πŸ˜‰ ) and I can’t sit here any more already. This is something that’s going to take more than 5 min. at a stretch… If you have something you want to share or just want to say “hi”, feel free to email me. πŸ™‚