35 weeks today!!!

And, it’s official…I’m huge. You know it’s getting close too when your belly button starts to turn inside out!! 😯

I’m ready to have this baby – physically. Not mentally yet. Too much to still get cleaned up around here. I’m so cumbersome though. Ugh. My hip and lower back are painful every moment of the day. Again, quite literally, I’m not getting around (much). I am and I’m not. It takes forever to get the simplest things done. I’m exhausted from taking a bath or shower. I’m afraid of my hip giving out (which it has minorly a few times) and falling down…particularly on the stairs. So… Next week begins the weekly count down and the birth box comes home. I’m irritated and grouchy because I cannot accomplish on my own all that needs to be done. Dh is just too pressed to help when I need him and, per usual around here, I can see it only happening at the last minute. I was in labor pretty seriously last time and he was scurrying around trying to clean the kitchen and bathroom while I was trying to prepare the bed with old sheets, etc. Of course, everything worked out fine…but that’s not my “style”. I don’t like to be down to the wire like that…so pressed. 😕

I did find and try an Arnica gel as recommended by my midwive. Guess what? I’m a believer! I’ve heard for years that no home medicine cabinet should be without Arnica. I don’t know why I stalled so long in actually aquiring some. Anyway, this stuff is amazing! Dulled the pain within 5 min. Makes it possible for me to actually go about my work and not think about it too much. (Of course, it doesn’t help the actual – gee, I don’t even know what to call it – physical weakness (?) of the joint itself…the leg giving way on me. That’s still something diconcerting.) It lasts about two to three hours near as I can tell. I haven’t actually tracked it by the clock. It says to apply it 3x/day or as needed. I try to only do it when the pain becomes unbearable though…otherwise I’d have to “live” on it and I’d might as well invest in company stock. 🙄 A tube of this would only last a couple of days at that rate and it don’t have that kind of “disposable income” at the moment. 😛 I highly recommend it though for pain relief amongst other things. Here are some good links:

Arnica 2
Arnica 3
Arnica 4

Of course, a search will turn up more if you want it. 🙂