Time is flying!

Another beautiful day! The temp is 51°F right now and I’m hoping it climbs higher. I’m going to do a couple of Bible lessons with the children and probably some reading aloud. We’ve started _Island of the Blue Dolphins_ – another “classic” that I didn’t read in my youth. (I think I mentioned that about _Anne Frank_. I was previewing that one for oldest dd…she’ll have to wait several years to read that one. 😉 ) So far, so good. I’m enjoying it and so are they! 🙂 They’ve been pokey with their chores this morning so that’s all I’ll have time for as I want to make a lot of head way in the guest room. I think I’ve done about 25% of what I need to do and am hoping that I can get it to half way today. I really need to “baby” my hip so that I’m not laid up the next day on the couch. I think I’ve nearly cleared up the ironing that had to be done…that was one thing that hurt a lot – standing at the ironing board for several items at a time. Mending is next. I don’t have to stand for that. 😉

That’s about it for now. I’m going to pop over to my garden blog for a couple of minutes before I log off…if anyone is interested in that topic. 🙂