Sunday didn’t go to church. Needed a complete day of rest.

Egg Report

3/29/05 1 (brown) 😦

3/30/05 4 (3 b, 1 g)

3/31/05 3 (brown)

4/01/05 3 (2 b, 1 g)

4/02/05 4 (brown)

4/03/05 4 (3 b, 1 g)

4/04/05 3 (2 b, 1 g)

Can you believe that I haven’t seen our chickens in a week or more??? Even though they are right out the garage door… I’ve been letting the rest of the family get used to taking care of them. In my bulgy state it isn’t fun to try to maneuver around dh stuff out there. The older two girls seem to have it down well. There hasn’t seemed to be a decline in egg production to say they haven’t. 😉 More chicken “escapes” on occasion because they don’t quite get the carrier pushed up against the side board…wedging sorta…so that the chickens can’t push against the wire. Oh well. They are becoming expert “hen catchers” as a result I guess. 😉 The eggs coming in are much dirtier…which indicates to me that the pen could really use a cleaning. Also, reports of eggs being layed in the “middle” of the pen indicates that the carrier hasn’t any straw left to encourage them to lay in there. These things I’ll have to see to…some how… 🙄

Snow Report

Snowed yesterday morning about ½ inch. More throughout the afternoon…approx. another ½ inch.

Total snow fall for this season = 77 ½ inches

All was gone by evening although the temp didn’t rise much above the mid-hi 30’s.

It is very lightly snowing now…actually, it might be mixed with rain. Lovely. NOT! 🙄 Not what I recall the forecast being. I remember one day was supposed to be like this and the rest were to continue being in the 40’s. We’ll see how things shape up throughout the day… Think SUN! Lot’s of it!! 😉

Finished the book Island of the Blue Dolphins yesterday with the children. It was liked by all and all agree that it left the reader with a strong sense of meloncholoy at the end. A good book. Definitely teaches children that determination and resourcefulness are positive traits. And, that children are more capable than we sometimes think. Live out those things in the here and now modern world while also not dismissing your parents wise counsel. Certainly be glad you still have them with you for comfort and guidance. Utmostly, be thankful we serve a real and living God and that He is always there even if no one else is! The rest of my educational thoughts I’ll pop over and put in our school blog…

Feeling fine pregnancy-wise. Same ol’, same ol’ with the hip/back. My “final” (yeah, right! 🙄 ) deadline to have our room ready is this Friday. I’ll be 36 weeks on Thurs. and on the “weekly countdown.” Have to have that room done! To ease my mind and allow me to move on to other things w/out the burden of that on my back. Let’s see if I can do it huh?! My original deadline was the end of March… *sigh*

That’s about all for now. Must away to “start” the day! 🙂