36 weeks!!!

Today’s appt went very well. My blood pressure was the best it’s been for any visit so far this time around. 115/64. Still measuring exactly the number of weeks I am. Weight gain has been steady and normal. Since my first few visits were home visits, we don’t have weight for those. From the time we’ve been able to track it though, it is a total of 25lbs. I estimate it’s been about 30 from the beginning of the pregnancy which is average. So, in the next few weeks, I’ll probably go up to 35lbs. All of my pregnancies have been around those two numbers…never have gone over. Thankfully since the baby weight hasn’t totally gone away after the last 3 children. Granted, with #3 only 5 – 10 lbs stuck around and actually brought me around from looking like a “toothpick.” The last two have been about the same though…and, ugh, I’m feeling “all” this extra weight this time around. Starting off 30lbs heavier with this pregnancy and then gaining 30lb…ugh! Like I said, I’m feeling it. 😕 Anyway, protein and glucose negative. Baby is not in a good position though. Right oblique. Means baby’s head is on the right just under my ribs. Baby has to turn so I’ll be working on that. “Head down Baby!!” I have a bit of swelling in my left ankle again. I’m chalking it up to baby’s position again though. Midwife wasn’t concerned and said it wasn’t much.

Oh, and I almost forgot, my iron is really low. No wonder I’ve been feeling tired. So, must increase iron foods as well as protein.

That’s all for now. Except for getting baby to turn head down again, all is well and fine and good! Let the weekly countdown begin! 🙂