Baby has turned…but I can’t quite tell how. It’s hard to tell if it’s head is in my pelvis or not. I’ll have to lay down in a while and check. I do know it’s not under my ribs now though and that’s good! 😉

My parents stopped by briefly a couple of hours ago and will be back again later this afternoon. They were on their way to the Sportsmen’s Show.

Dh is working but promised to be home earlier tonight to be at my disposal. 😉 I made great progress on “our room” but didn’t finish like I’d hoped by yesterday. Soooo, the rest of this stuff will just have to wait a few weeks. He’s fine with that so long as I’m fine with that…so that’s what we are going to do. Really, I have to clean now and not worry about anything else. I can’t clean around clutter and I’m running out of time! Out to the shed it’s going to go until I’m up and around and can face it again. Hopefully, just in time for the real nesting urge to kick in. Even if my house can’t look “nice” at least it can be clean. I’m so ready to move on the the “restoring” phase of remodeling this house and not just the “tear-up” phase…*sigh* 🙄 Seems we are “Providentially” hindered so often though. All in His timing I know.