It was another nice day yesterday. The temps aren’t quite as warm as I’d like…stretching into the mid-50s, down to or below freezing at night. But, it’s warm and the snow is going fast. Yay! Can’t complain. πŸ˜‰

The chickens were put out yesterday. This was actually the third time this year. They went out a couple times in March when the snow was gone around the big spruce tree. The last time I did it I ended up on the couch for a couple of days. This time oldest dd helped me and I’m not too sore. The hens were in “heaven” up against the side of the house where dh had built the “half coop on stilts.” (He finally got it all torn down.) Anyway, it’s a spot in full sun, the dirt is completely unfrozen and they had a dirt bath going in no time flat! LOL The pen was a disaster and the garage was so stinky! I left the garage door open all afternoon to air it out and dh cleaned the pen when he came home. The hens came into a tidy home because it’s still cold at night (as stated above) and you could tell they were relieved that their home had been cleaned. Egg count was reflecting the fact they were “unhappy” I think… πŸ˜• Three being average lately.

I finally started some of my seeds…two weeks later!! πŸ™„ I’m hoping that it doesn’t make too much difference. I was a month “late” last year in starting my tomato seeds and it did. More in my garden blog later…

On the house front, we go from bad to worse back to bad again. I’m getting nervous. The whole upstairs looks like a warehouse. *sigh* The children couldn’t eat at the dining table last night because it’s filled with stuff I’m sorting. The counter is filled with stuff we are sorting. The office area was cleared out by dh last night while I slept… *another sigh* All of that stuff is stack in front of the kitchen counter now. The whole idea is to clean out, clean up and then put it back more organized so I can get to it in a few weeks postpartum. Ugh. Will we make it? I don’t know…

On the baby front, the Braxston-Hicks have increased dramatically over the last week. At my appt. last week, I told the midwives I’d gone from having a few to several over the course of a week, and certainly over the course of the two weeks, between appts. Now, just in this past week, I’m having several per day!! Particularly when I go to bed for the night. The first few minutes after I lay down, it’s a handful right in a row and pretty intense. Not painful but tight! Pulling through my lower back too. So, my body’s starting to prepare. Not long now… not long at all. I really did too much yesterday and went to bed fatigued and sore although I did spend some time sitting on the deck enjoying the sun! πŸ™‚ Today, I’m going to try not to over-do but these Braxston-Hicks are motivating me even if I don’t have the “nesting urge.” The nesting urge didn’t hit me last time until the *day before* I went into labor…a little too little urge a little too late! So, must press forward despite my bulky tiredness. Dh is worried…but what else can I do? I’m being careful and I am recruiting my children to the best of their ages and abilities…BUT… There’s so much and most requires me unfortunately. Dh has made a point of being home “earlier” the last couple of nights and what he did last night was a big help (despite how it looks). Ramble, ramble.

The sun is shining again today so I’m off to make the most of it! Hope all those reading have a very blessed day caring for their homes and families! πŸ™‚