37 weeks today!!! Three more to go…

All is still well. All tests normal. Blood pressure was again “awesome.” Still no birth box…they are still stored at the “former partner” midwife’s house/clinic and keeps being forgotten to be picked up by the current midwives. No biggy. Next week is our “home visit” (although they’ve been here many times! 😉 ) and they’ll stop by her house as she doesn’t live too far away and bring it with them.

Baby is head down again also (as I suspected) so no worries there either. Heart rate is still “high” soooo…you draw your own conclusions. 😉

I think we’ve made some significant progress on the house this past week…it’s hard to tell when you are so close to the situation. 🙄 No. I know we have. I still feel like I’m living in a warehouse but I do see clear spots now and really hope to be in deep cleaning mode this weekend. Yesterday, I took the entire day “off.” A friend called and we talked for a couple + hours. I was having a slow morning and had a hard time motivating the children to do their chores so that had taken most of my time. Then, since we had to get ready to leave shortly after that to go to another friends house for dinner, I just went and enjoyed the sun on the deck with the children. It was a relaxing day and I felt good physically this morning because of it. Again, though, had a slow moving day myself this morning plus some business work for dh so nothing organizationally speaking got done again and then we headed off to the midwife appt. Since it’s late in the afternoon when we return, the rest of the day seems “shot” and so today I’ll just chalk up to another “relaxing” day. 🙄 So, I better get cracking tomorrow and through the weekend or I fear the position we may be in if I don’t… 😯