Contractions are picking up a great deal. Mon./Tues. around midnight after I went to bed, I had several in a row again…but more of them. 10 min. apart for a good hour + after which I quit tracking. I wasn’t really tracking on purpose. Lying there with insomnia and you can’t help but watch the clock. I finally dozed off but was awakened by contractions throughout the night. I finally got up to stay (was up more frequently using the bathroom too 😉 ) around 5:20am. Basically, I didn’t sleep…but I was wired. That “burst of energy” perhaps? I am feeling a little more energetic…although that could be the wheatgrass straighting out my iron levels. But, I’m also walking better – hooray! Baby’s head is right there at the pubic bone…it’s hard to feel the top of it as the midwives have me do when measuring. I can’t tell if it’s moved beyond it or not though as reaching around this huge belly is a monumental feat! Yesterday, I spent about an hour in the bath as I continued to have contractions upon waking a staying up. When everyone was getting up for the day, I got in to see if it would “calm” the contractions. It didn’t so I did visualization to try to encourage them more and make this it to “real” labor if possible. Alas not. I was finally so pruney in the toes and fingers I decided I better get out while I still had them! LOL Contractions continued throughout the day. Last night, I went to bed earlier (Good Girl! 😉 ), and felt a handful maybe. I was pretty tired this time with no insomnia and I slept very well. If I had contractions, they didn’t wake me. I’ve had them all morning along again so far today though…

So…baby soon…but when? I spent a week or 10 days (details are a little fuzzy at the moment) last time before Q. was born in this “practice” labor. Is it prodromal labor? Only time will tell. 🙂 But, I think not at this point. Wondering how long it will be though… Another week this time around? Shorter? (I hope!) Longer? (Hope not but if it means a healthy baby so be it!)

Our room is cleaned out thank goodness. Still has some “clutter” on top of the bookcase and my sewing table that I didn’t feel like moving. Not much. The sewing table has to come out anyway. Dh will have to be the one to do that so I better get it cleared off. Otherwise, just need to dust, vacuum and wash the valance over the closet door. The only other thing that must, must be done is cleaning/disinfecting the bathroom. But that, again, is dh job done “at the last minute.” (Mostly, he doesn’t want me breathing the bleach fumes. Having so many using one bathroom though, it’s a bit ridiculous to do such a cleaning *for the baby* this early.) That job I don’t mind having done while I’m in labor because it ensures there won’t be anyone else going in there and dirtying it again when I need it most! 😀 That’s of course if labor is in the middle of the night as all the others have been. (Lord willing it will be! We don’t like sending our children off other places, like to have them here to see the new sibling right away…but also don’t want them underfoot and being a distraction – in their beds sweetly sleeping is always our hope and prayer! LOL) Anyway, as for the rest of the house…*sigh* it’s gotten better but not much. I still feel like we are living in a warehouse. Oh well. I’m sorry that my family will have to be living w/ boxes and such while I’m “lounging” in a nice tidy room. At this point though, I’m physically unable to clear this all up on my own…and dh has to continue working looong hours now if we want him to be able to spend the first week postpartum caring for me and the children. (As I’ve said before, my recovery time is much longer than most women although I feel well. One week in bed is the minimum my midwives insist I stay in bed…another week would make them happier but we usually can’t swing that financially. Dh has to get back to work by that time and we don’t have anyone else that’s able to come stay with me.)

With that, I better close. Several contractions while I’ve been typing this. Granted, it’s taken a good half hour at least between all the other tasks I’ve gotten up to do inbetween sentences! LOL Need to go focus on getting the children finished w/ their chores and MY OWN! 😉