I have a couple of days in this egg report that are missing…first time for everything huh?! 😉 I don’t have them written down for some reason and I’m hazy on the details (imagine that…I wonder why?!? 😉 LOL). The 12th and the 20th. Oh well.

4/13/05 3 (brown)

4/14/05 4 (3 b, 1 g)

4/15/05 4 (3 b, 1 g)

4/16/05 1 (brown)

4/17/05 1 (brown)

4/18/05 4 (3 b, 1 g)

4/19/05 4 (3 b, 1 g)

4/21/05 2 (brown)

4/22/05 2 (1 b, 1 g)

4/23/05 0 😦

4/24/05 1 (brown)

The hens have been rather “unhappy” still lately. I’m not their “primary care” giver and I think they are protesting evidenced by the low(er) egg counts. Their pen is really dirty again too. They are just in “heaven” when outside these few days this year. Until we get a more secure arrangement set up for them though, they’ll have to be back and forth. Neighborhood dogs, bears and coyotes being real concerns.

The girls are almost a year old now…and they most definitely look “grown up.” They are all good looking birds and I like every one of them. Even Reins has mellowed out a bit and I think they all have nice personalities. When we get more, I’m not sure what breed I want. Maybe we’ll continue having a “mixed” flock.

I wonder when we’ll experience molting?

I’m a bit concerned about leaving the hens at my parents place now if we take our trip. Not that my parents wouldn’t care for them well because they have experience with a variety of animals but because of the secure pen situation down there too. They have a small dog kennel they aren’t using and with some plywood on top would make a nice run for them (with their carrier as a nesting box same as it is now). But, loose neighbor dogs and wildlife are even more of a problem where they are and I’m not sure if we’ll have time to build something more protective. I’m putting some more thought into alternatives…