no, no baby. 😉

The “monsters” are back. It’s mosquito season. 😡

It’s 65°F with the thermometer still in shade. The snow is completely gone from all parts of our property (except along the back tree line where our property ends). It’s still dipping into the mid-30s at night. In fact, this morning it was hard to tell whether we had frost or a light dusting of snow. The last freeze date is the end of this month and we are up on the “hillside” so it’s a guessing game this time of year.

I’ve killed a half dozen monsters at least – and I do mean they are whoppers! – while sitting here. I don’t want to shut the sliding door though because the fresh warm air is so wonderful! (The furnace went out a week ago again and since it’s so close to summer we aren’t bothering to fix it right now. We are hoping to replace it…) Plus, it’s bear season again too so I need to be able to hear very clearly what’s going on out there and have quick access.

I have the few seeds/seedlings I potted outside against the house. (I never did make it over to my garden journal to say what I started…I’ll have to do that soon. It’s not much but it’s nice to have a record anyway.)

I’m going to have the two older children help me take the chickens and their pen out now. This is actually their 4th (5th?) time since the beginning of the year but 2nd since the weather has been consistantly nicer. It was rainy Fri., Sat. was nice so they were out then and then Sun. was rainy again. Dh did it for me Sat. but he’s not here now so I’ll have to do the best I can with my girls. The time before last, my oldest helped me drag their carrier and pen across the still remaining snow. No snow now to do it so I’m hoping that between the two girls and me, we can manage to half carry half drag it to a nice spot.

10 days left until baby’s due date! I’m not able to do much to speak of…but I keep trying! 😉 With that, I’m off. 🙂