4/25/05 0

4/26/05 1 (brown)

4/27/05 1 (brown)

4/28/05 0

4/29/05 0

4/30/05 1 (brown)

5/01/05 0

5/02/05 1 (brown)

5/03/05 0

5/04/05 1 (brown)

5/05/05 0

5/06/05 0

5/07/05 0

5/08/05 0

PATHETIC! Really pathetic. 😦 Hopefully, this week, they will get some consistancy back into their lives – get fed regularly, get outside regularly, get watered regularly, etc., etc. and we can get back to getting some eggs!!! They have been outside nearly every day since mid-week last week. They are really enjoying it to say the least…but they are little Houdinis (sp?) that’s for sure. Some days we just let them stay “escaped” from their pen and the girls “round them up” when they venture too far into the “woods” or over to the neighbors. But, when the girls are tired of being chicken rustlers, then it’s quite a challenge keeping them confined. We need to rethink this pen thing seriously quick. I have some flowers that my mother and children got for me for Mother’s Day and if I’m going to plant them, I don’t want them eaten. 😉

That’s it for a chicken update…I’ll update on me and the baby soon – promise!!! 😀