This birth again proves the saying, “Every birth is different!” While I previously had a 3 hr (+ a few minutes) birth before, this one was as different from that one as night is from day. Really, there isn’t much to tell. I will anyway…but it was all very calm, quick and straight forward. πŸ˜‰

Tuesday (4/26) was like all the days of the week before. Many “practice” contractions…none very impressive in strength, etc. I was feeling a little “antsy” but not what I would call that “burst of energy” they talk of before birth. Not much nesting instinct again either. I did call dh in the afternoon to ask him if he would be home “early” that evening. I was feeling the need for “companionship” mostly. But, again, what I was feeling wasn’t unusual as I’d been feeling antsy for a while…who wouldn’t being that huge and wanting baby OUT badly! Feeling rather lonesome also often as dh works long hours ALL the time. πŸ™„

Anyway, he said he would be home “earlier” if that’s what I wanted. πŸ™‚ I did dinner (late) with the children and he got home around 9pm and did bedtime with them. That took about an hour and by the time he was done, I was ready for bed myself and feeling pretty sleepy after making it half way through a magazine. I stayed up though putzing while waiting for him to finish some things in the garage he wanted done before the next day. I went out to the garage a few times to chat off and on but finally I was sooo worn out feeling I just had to go to bed. Part of my staying up waiting for him also involved the hope that he would come in and move my sewing table out of our bedroom to finish making room for the midwives equipment. I had things still stacked on it (told you nesting didn’t come around πŸ˜‰ ) and wasn’t real motivated to clear it off so I expressed the importance that we “get to it soon” but that was it and went to bed. Oh, and I reminded dh there were some last minute things I needed at the store for the birth. Then, I went to bed. I heavily dozed for a couple of hours…I can’t say I really slept though. Dh had gone to the store but forgot a couple of items on my list. Woke with that antsy feeling still and when I got up to use the bathroom I noticed a couple of contractions close together and a little “show” and decided to stay up to see if I could really get them going. πŸ˜‰ They weren’t strong but I know that when I was busy during the past week, they would stay going more strongly than when I laid down (except that one night they kept me awake). Sooo, at 1:30am on Wednesday, with nothing better to do πŸ˜‰ , I decided to clear off that sewing table and move a few other things out. Before getting started, I informed dh of my “plan” and told him I reeeeally needed those last few things from the store and would he please go get them. (Thank goodness for stores that are open 24/7 huh?! :mrgreen: ) He “yeah, yeahed” me but when he came in for something and saw me busy, he made a comment of me getting serious about this and making the most of it. Something about being bound and determined to have a baby that night too I think…. LOL I guess I was…in a non-chalant kind of way. Really, I was not expecting to have a baby a week earlier than my due date as it hadn’t happened before…although I knew it could, I really was trying not to get my hopes up! πŸ™‚

So, 1/2 hour into my cleaning (2am), I’m leaving the bathroom again when SPLOOSH! My water broke right at our bedroom door! HUH??? 😯 That had never happened before either!!! LOL My water has always broken just before crowning. Well! I guess that settled it – baby is coming this night! LOL Dh called the first midwife (2:05am) and we determined we’d have to make due without those forgotten store items. He also moved my sewing table. πŸ˜‰ I was in and out of the bathroom and walking around the house (lr and kitchen) sipping water until the first midwife arrived (about 2:30am). Poor thing was feeling rather unwell with a cold and we felt bad dragging her out of bed! She checked baby’s heartrate and my bloodpressure and then started setting up her equipment. I stuck around long enough to see that she had plenty of room, etc. Then, my need for companionship having past now, I spent the next hour and a half (or so) in the bathroom laboring by myself. (From about 3am – 4:20 or 4:30am. It really didn’t seem that long while I was in there…) Unlike my other births where I was partly with others and partly alone, this time I stayed completely by myself. I paced in the bathroom between contractions and during them the toilet (sorry – tmi) was the perfect place (height, etc.) to sit, relax and talk/pray myself through each one. The contractions for this birth were different too in that they didn’t come in waves one on top of they other incessently. Nor were they very uncomfortable. I’ve never had what I would call “painful” contractions anyway – except when I had back labor with B. – but these were even more “mild.” I did feel a few of them in my back for a while and that was confirmed by baby “corkscrewing” on her way out. (LOP to LOA on exiting turning on her way out the birth canal.) There were a couple of other bloodpressure/baby heartrate checks in there too. I also requested more H20 a couple of times. πŸ˜‰

Finally, I started to feel worn out again and came out of the bathroom to lay on my bed for a while. Almost immediately upon lying down, the shakes started – that fast into transition! The second midwife and the apprentice had been sitting in the bedroom chatting when I came in but skeedattled fast after I reassured them I was ok…not feeling “pushy” yet…and just wanted to rest. The first midwife came in and checked on me a couple minutes later and as I was even shakier she asked if I was cold or shakey. Since she didn’t get much of an answer except chattering teeth πŸ˜‰ , she said, “Well…I’ll just cover you up and leave you alone.” I really did answer…funny how others can’t read your mind. πŸ˜† After that, I amazingly was able to doze for a bit. I remember a total of about 3 or 4 contractions while I lay there. Forceful, intense…but still “manageable.” It might have been the 4th one that I felt the faintest bit of pushing. It was definitely the next one though that I felt the urge to do so strongly! I was up off that bed in a flash – as much of a flash as one as huge and in labor can manage!! πŸ˜† Anyway, I heard from the direction of the kitchen someone say, “She’s getting up!” and everyone was in the room with me in a split second. (LOL It’s amazing the attention a lady in the final stages of labor commands! πŸ˜‰ ) I sat myself on the birth chair on my own…a little help adjusting my left leg. (Last time dh practically had to carry me there and lift me on it due to my hip/lower back. (What a word picture that brings to mind huh?! πŸ™„ )

I had a couple of contractions that I felt really moved baby down. I wasn’t fully dialated…just a “lip” left…so the midwife (#1) told me to breath through the next one while she helped me finish dilating. (Apprentice was doing the warm compresses and midwife #2 was on the bed recording data.) After that, it was only a couple more pushes and baby crowned. One more push and baby was out @ 4:57am – what a relief!!! 9 lbs, 21 inches, chest 13 ½ inches, head 14 ½ inches. Biggest girl (so far) but ds #2 is holds the record for biggest Hunt baby! Lots of hair but not as much as dd #3 (which holds the record in this regard) but about the same as her two brothers. Apgars – I don’t recall. They didn’t tell me and I forgot to ask. She was alert and calm just as the others have been. Wasn’t interested in nursing right away. Too curious about everything else. πŸ™‚ She did finally give it a try which of course helped the placenta. No trouble with the placenta being slow this time. I wasn’t feeling pushy and kept asking them if I should sit up or something and they kept saying there was plenty of time. I guess I was a little concerned considering the last couple of times and threatened hospital visits. The midwife said if I felt a contraction to go ahead and push with it if I wanted. She instructed the apprentice to apply a bit of pressure. Nothing happened. I still wasn’t feeling pushy but knew I need to push regardless because I just could tell the uterus was being “laid back” about it. So, the next contraction I felt I sat up a bit and we repeated the motions and it came out just fine. No blood either. πŸ™‚ When I got up to use the bathroom a few minutes later, there was less than a bouple of tablespoons. I’m not a “bleeder” till later. πŸ™„

Then, back in bed to snuggle baby!!! Oh that “fresh” newborn smell! That soft skin! Those tiny fingers and toes! It’s almost too much bliss!! Definitely a piece of Heaven here on Earth! πŸ˜€