What started out as a “Two Week Recap” has turned into a “1 Month Update.” What a fast month this has been!!! 😯

If I thought the first two weeks had been “baby bliss”, you can multiply it by 2 more! 🙂

P. is such a doll! Of course, she’s cute but she’s also very easy going and content…except when hungry. All of my babies have been this way for the most part though so it must be a family trait or something. 😉

Ok, on to the recap of this last month. Bear with me…this is mostly so that in years to come when my memory isn’t what it was, I’ll be able to reflect accurately despite it.

Let’s go back to the day P. was born… The midwives stayed for two hours after (sop) and said they would be back the next day for the 24 check up. Of course, I snuggled and slept with baby. Dh caught as much of a nap as he could on the couch while the other children drew, colored, etc. quietly (more or less) at the table. They also went outside for a while later on while dh putzed around the place. They had a snack or two in there I think…I know they offered me something too at some point…and then a semi-late dinner. Dh hustled them all into bed right after (late dinner + early bedtime = sleep for dh??? 😉 ). Everyone slept really well.

Next day (Thurs.), the midwives are back. Everything is going well…except my blood pressure. Apparently it’s really high. I was told to rest…”No, REALLY rest!!” The word stroke was even mentioned to dh but not me for the obvious reason…worrying would probably raise it. They stressed staying in bed, etc. Baby doing well. After the initial nursing soon after birth, she wasn’t much interested now but that’s not surprising and common anyway. Next, appt. would occur in 3 days or when my milk came in…which ever happened first.

Next day (Fri.), ds #2 nearly kills the computer by dumping a cup of water on it. It was an accident of course…but one that could have been avoided if somebody (I’m not naming names but he’s the other responsible party in this house…) hadn’t have been using it at the dining table AND letting the children eat near him. *sigh* Supposed to be careful of my blood pressure right… 🙄 This computer is a new (last year) laptop with great bells and whistles and is vital to our growing home business. To be without it would be reeeaaally bad. 😕 I kept control but it was really hard to not 😥 or 😡 ! He didn’t kill it…but he sure crippled it. It’s glitchy and tempormental now… Everything else is going fine though. Baby is nursing great and my milk is in as of this evening.

Next day (Sat.), my milk is in but neither of the midwives can come by. The first one is still ill and the second was gone/busy. Everything is still the same though…dh has come and gone a few times but still has “charge” of the house and children. Sometimes he’s taken everyone to work and other times he’s left two pairing them up younger and older. Unlike last time, this is working better this time. A couple of years makes a difference in responsibility and capability. 😉

Next day (Sun.), second midwife comes by to do the PKU on baby and check my blood pressure. Still concerningly high. (178/92 I think…) Recommends cucumbers and cornsilk tea. I suggest dandelion as it’s right out my front (and back!) doors. She agrees that will be just fine…in fact, really fine as dandelion is also a gentle liver tonic and she thinks my liver may not be working as it should. Possibly the molar pregnancy from last year has a lot to do with it…elevated hormones of various kinds for an extended period of time, etc. She’s she wants definite improvement by our 1 week check or they will want to refer me to “someone.” Baby dropped down to 8 lbs 10 oz.

Fast forward to our 1 week check up (Wed. 5/4/05). Both midwives and both apprentices here – what a housefull! 😆 Everything is okey-dokey with me and baby again…except my blood pressure…although they are please it has gone down so much! (152/?) The second midwife was only expecting it to be in the 160s. Told to continue the regime until our next check up 2 weeks later. The following day is National Midwifery Day and they are having a booth at the Park Strip and really want us there. But, understandably, if we can’t make it that’s ok. 🙂 I really wanted to but…

Sunday (5/8/05), Mother’s Day. I’m a mother 6x for this one!! 😀 Went to my aunt’s house for a wonderful meal! Dad provided the salmon that Uncle G. grilled to perfection! Came home after visiting for a few hours, children gave me the flowers they got for me for planting outside, parents left for home, children played outside for a bit while I hit the sack early with baby and dh did bedtime and crashed himself an hour or so later. What a nice day!

Next day (Mon.), I’m left with ALL the children for the first time since baby’s arrival. A few hours…4 or so I think. All goes relatively well. They read, play in their room, draw, etc. I get up near the end of that time and hustle everyone to clean up and do some chores. Back to bed as soon as dh walks in. The rest of the week goes relatively the same. We don’t go to church though…stay home to regroup as a family…although I’ve been with the children, it’s not the same without Daddy though.

Thurs. (5/12/05) morning a HUGE bear kills two of our chickens. Dh had been lax about putting their carrier back into the garage at night. Sometimes not remembering until after dark (which occurs very late now) or not putting it in at all. Last night he didn’t. But, the inevitable tragedy didn’t occur until daylight anyway. About 7:30am I heard “noises” on the front porch. I thought it was the cats who like to chase each other up and down the front posts. Apparently not. A few minutes later dh comes rushing into the bedroom to tell me the awful news. He had fallen asleep on the couch and was a bit groggy. He left after a few moments and looked out the window just in time to see the bear actually catch one as it was running across the road…actually heard a loud “squawk” as the bear had his back to him. Dh went out to see the damage and caught one chicken who had escaped. He got in the shower soon after that. I was still in the bedroom getting my clothes together for the day when I heard loud clucking on the deck. I rushed out in time to see the bear drinking out of the kiddy pool while our B. Orp nervously paced the deck. I grabbed the camera and opened the sliding door while B. (who was awoken by the clucking and rushed to see what was going on) grabbed the chicken. The bear beat feet to the woods. We were all thankful to still have two chickens. Dh left for work. About an hour later, dd #3 was helping dry dishes (our dishwasher broke Easter day) and as she gazed out the window, saw our Golden Comet come out from under the deck. M. went out this time to grab a chicken. Yay! Another chicken saved! We are so bummed about the other two. We are grateful that 3 were spared though.

Monday (5/16/05) through Wednesday, days go pretty much the same as last week. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been gradually up for longer periods of time and doing more. Occasionally I’ll wash a few dishes, fold some laundry, etc. Mostly though, I’m still not doing much work. The slightest little thing seems to make the little amount of bleeding that’s left pick up again.

Thurs. is our midwife appt. Our second outing! 😉 Everyone stays for it. Dh and children enjoy the yard/lawn and hanging out while I’m talking, ect. Blood pressure down to 128/78. They still would like for me to work on lowering it more if I can. Continue dandelion/cucumbers. Baby up to 10 lbs.

Fri. I venture downstairs to check out the laundry situation for the first time in 3 weeks. All I can say is 😯 😮 😦 ❗

Sun. (5/22/05) To church for the second time since baby arrived. Wonderful to see our church family. Stayed for a potluck afterward to celebrate the host family’s second oldest graduating from their homeschool.

And that catches us up! I wrote Mon. that it was our Anniversary. Tues., yesterday and today – same ole, same ole. A bit of dishes, a bit of laundry, refereeing, trying to modivate the children in their chores, a bit of school, some computer/business work, here, there and everywhere…nursing, nursing, nursing. We don’t have much of a schedule…not even a routine… Hoping we can impliment some semblance of order next week. Dh is supposed to have a friend from church over this evening to show him the knife making operation. Tomorrow we have been invited to have dinner with our pastor and his wife. Not sure if we are going to their house or “out.” Dh will have to touch base with them. Not sure what Sat. will bring. Sunday church once again.

Today is exactly 2 weeks since the bear got our two chickens. My how the time flies! We still miss the other two chickens a lot. It’s amazing how attached you can become to birds. 😦 Reins, our Araucana (green egg layer), was the first eaten. Many of her feathers were found by the corner of the garage. Black Beauty, our B. Jersey Giant, was the second…the one dh saw the bear catch. *sniff-sniff* I seems so strange to have to count three now instead of 5…just as it was strange to count 5 instead of 6 last fall. After a pathetic laying period for a couple of weeks before this, laying was picking up again. Now, they are consistant again and that lack of two eggs per day is definitely noticable! 😦 Three is the best we can expect now… We’ve been getting that…xxlarge ones too. *sigh* 😐

There you have it. The month of May in review. I think I’ve forgotten some things along the way…I’ll have to come back later and fill in. For now, I want to post this and check it off my draft list! 🙂