to 2-3 after looking at a more detailed map from the local Extention Service (which can be seen here). Downtown, closer to the Inlet, it is zone 4. We are colder due to our elevation on Hillside. It’s very evident in the spring and fall – there is at least a two week “lag time” – our leaves bud out 2 wks later than those lower than us and our leaves change color about 2 wks sooner. It takes 2 wks long, at least, for our snow to leave also, etc. It sure does cause me envy to be seeing people in “town” mowing their lawns, turning dirt in their gardens, having bulbs bloom, etc. so much sooner than us. 😐 Oh well. I get over it every year too… 😉

I added a new link for garden help too specially aimed at AK gardeners but could also be useful for others in cool/cold zones. (In the sidebar under Sites for Garden Help.) Have fun!