It was a home visit as my midwife is moving and then actually getting clinic space is in the works. My last appt will be in 2 wks and it will be at their new clinic.

Anyway, so all I have is my blood pressure info. not weight, etc. (not that I’d share that necessarily anyway πŸ˜‰ ). BP was 124/78. Last time it was 130/80. I know for sure this time because I wrote it down right away. Disgard the numbers from last time if I recorded something different. πŸ˜‰ They’d like for me to continue the cucumbers and have the bottom number in the low 70s if possible. Otherwise, it sounds like I have a hypertension condition. 😦 Also, news to me, was that my BP was in the normal range right after birth but had spiked by the next day when they came back. I was not aware of that so this surprises me to say the least. Last summer, when I went to the doc so often, they never indicated my BP was a problem. I wonder if this is something that just has to work it self out…like the thyroid problems I had for a brief period. I ask the midwife that was asking the questions, etc. today how long she thought I should continue eating the cucumbers and she said, “Every day for the rest of your life.” 😯 She’s serious too. She also said I should monitor my blood pressure (at home) closely/often. *sigh* I am a healthy person into eating healthy, etc. This should not be. 😦 My mother is (or was) on BP medication but it’s not supposed to happen to ME! I am not getting old, etc. right?! πŸ˜‰ 😐 Face it Tamara…you are almost “middle aged”… πŸ˜› Ack! No way, no way.


P. now weighs 10 lbs. 9 oz. Little more than half a pound in 2 wks. Good girl! πŸ˜‰

I need to stop bleeding completely before my next visit. I had two days this past weekend without any and then it started up again Mon. Just a bit…but still. Argh. Doing too much. How can I not with a big family??? Dh can not take time off and I must do what needs to be done here. We are still up in the air about whether we are leaving at the end of the month. An appraisal, etc. has to be done first…a refinance is where the funds will come from. Anyway, I don’t want to leave before I’m “officially” cleared up and done with my care from them. (Also, related but different, we just filled out P.’s birth cert. forms. I called and left a message last week hoping they could fill out whatever needed to be filled out and send it in…I forgot about signatures for this-n-that. πŸ™„ So, we’ll be in a fix if her birth cert. doesn’t come back on time. 😑 )

Well, what ever will be will be…