Don’t we all just love that old worn out phrase? 😀

It’s appropriate though for the thoughts, desires and ambissions I’ve been rummenating on though.

Yesterday, we started a new schedule. Attempted to anyway. Here’s what I wrote earlier to my sil via IM:

6/6/05 Morning! Well, I’m off to a fabulous start…NOT! I was painting w/ W. til 4am Fri night, 3am Sat. and then last night he kept me up til 2am wired and wanting to talk. I guess it’s good he wanted that time…but I’m beat and running on empty right now. P. had a rough time because she’s not used to this either. I woke at 4 something and fed her. Then, get this, woke at 5:43am. Two minutes before my alarm was to go off! I asked W. to shut it off and he did something to it. Then, it went off at it’s appointed time. grrr. He said, “Didn’t I just shut that off…” He did something but it wasn’t that. So, it woke P. and I laid there to get her back to sleep and promptly fell asleep again myself and here I am (7:08am). Bummer. So, going to run and start…just a little over an hour late. I’ll see what I can condense or cut later. I’m going to walk right now.

My new schedule includes motivating each other every morning to exercise (walking primarily). We IM each other in the morning when we wake (supposed to be at a specific time 🙄 ) and remind each other. Then, I spend time on my treadmill and she takes her dog around the block where she lives. We IM each other when we are finished and offer encouragement/praise/etc.

This is not a “new” thing…I’ve been through this many times before…having the “perfect” schedule…on paper at least. 😛 That’s always been the easy part – making the schedule. Sticking to it hasn’t been…even the first day it seems. Including today! *sigh* So, although we got off to a rough start, I persevered. Went down the the list and did what was next forgetting the exact times and cut/condensed where necessary to keep us relatively on track.

Since we had the baby shower yesterday evening, it was a good “practice” day as our evening routine was different anyway.

Today is another day! The first day of the rest of our lives…again…! 😉