Yesterday’s schedule attempt was better. I was up pretty much on time (within a few minutes), had my first load of laundry in, IMed my sil and decided to exercise in my pjs to make up those lost minutes. 20 min. on the treadmill (I had a lot of aches and pains this time – undoubtably still in recovery!), recorded my stats, IMed sil again and then ran downstairs to dry my 1rst load and start a second. So far, so good. Since dh or I haven’t been able to make an “extensive” grocery shopping trip, I had no clue what to do for dinner. Frozen meals from the ladies at church to the rescue! Dinner covered, I extended my quiet time and was enjoying myself so much, I unknowingly let all the children sleep in. (Actually, I realized about a 1/2 after their scheduled wake up time what I’d done but “went with it” longer anyway.) Goodness knows, with our crazy bedtimes of late, they needed it! That pushed the schedule back again though. That’s ok! We again cut/condensed, although not as much as the day before, and we had a pretty good day. The children were glad to be doing it and kept asking if we could continue from now on on a schedule! What sweeties! 🙂 *gush-gush*

Today, I was up late again though. *argh* Things just didn’t go well from the very start… Over night, the children seemed to have lost their enthusiasm of the previous day or “woke on the wrong side of the bed” or something. Plus, P. just doesn’t know what to make of all this! We are 6 wks postpartum (today as a matter of fact!) and all she’s known pretty much is Mama by her side resting and when Mama wasn’t she was a “sleepy newborn” anyway and slept often. Now, she’s not wanting to sleep so long or freguently (sleeps really good at night with us only waking once to nurse which is done laying down and dozing so really we are quite rested WHEN we get to bed 😉 ). She’s awake, sitting in her carseat, wondering “WHAT’S GOING ON!!!”, wanting someone to talk to her or cuddle her or something and just not understanding the change! Poor little thing. So, it’s a good thing we “co-sleep” or we wouldn’t be getting the rest we are. I just know she would be fussing and crying if I tried having her in a crib because she’s wanting that attention and comfort that’s been lacking the last few days.

Anyway, W. was still here too so that changed morning things a bit. The children wanted to watch me exercise 🙄 and especially Q. is fascinated by the treadmill. After I was done, I felt motivated…but no one else did. W. went to work of course. The children on the other hand didn’t. 😐 I struggled with them and chores all day. Since I was preoccupied trying to get them going, I wasn’t able to go off and get involved with something major myself so I worked on some graphics for W.’s site off and on. By dinner time, I felt everything had fallen apart and I was just looking forward to bedtime. The painting job just really messed up any sense of rythm we had – all of us not getting to bed till 2am (or later) every night/morning! *ugh* No wonder the children are out of sorts. 😡

So, anyway, trying not to feel like a failure. Knowing “this too shall pass” helps tremendously. 🙂