Quotes from my IM conversation with sil this morning:

I’m awake and up (approx. 8am). I don’t think exercising is going to happen this morning. I’ll shoot for later in the afternoon. P. is just not ready to have a consistant (added: meaning *exact* time) sleeping and waking schedule just yet…but I’ll keep trying everyday and I know eventually it will work.

In other words, I know as she grows, her little tummy won’t dictate what time she wakes in the night or in the morning, she’ll develope regular sleep rythms, etc.

[Sil said: sometimes it’s just takes a little bit to get into a new routine.] No kidding!!! I’m having a rough time here. I know P. is only a few weeks old…but this has been an ongoing thing for a long time. (added: through W. and my married life) I figure if we use her early months to “practice” that we will ALL have it so much easier/better by the time she’s a year (hopefully) AND she’ll grow up with it and be that much farther ahead than any of us. Yeah, I remember the “old times”! LOL Thank you – I need a happy AND productive rest of June!

What you described above is what we call “routine”…one thing followed specifically by another. It’s too easy to let things slide though and before you know it the day is over and you can’t really recall having accomplished too much that was “important”. I know being with my children and teaching curtesy, manners, etc. along with the basic 3 Rs, etc. plus just being with them are the most important things…but when you are buried in your laundry or the floor is so dirty your feet look like you’ve been walking outside barefoot then it’s time to have a NEW plan! That’s what we are trying to change…letting things slide by the way because we “bounce around” too much or let things slide due to plain ole procrastination or flat out laziness…or are too sponteanous etc.

So, that’s where I’m going…or trying to take everyone to… However, I’m beat. I’m bagin’ it (the schedule) through the weekend like my title says and we’ll “go for it” again on Monday! 🙂