Those familiar with WP will see that I finally upgraded from 1.2 to 1.5! :mrgreen:

So, per usual, plugins, themes, etc. will come as I have time. My previous post title has to do with what I’ve been dealing with…or rather NOT dealing with lately. In other words, I haven’t been a “keeper at home” lately. 😦 And, it’s showing in more ways than one…

1) laundry

2) dishes

3) Sleep deprivation

4) Every other area of life as affected by the three previous.

Also, I intend to fill in all of the posts that just have headings…again, when I have the time. 🙄 I’ll state the obvious when I’ve done so. 😉

Ok, back to playing catch-up. Where to start…where to start…? (Actually, I’ve already started…it should be: Where to continue…where to continue???? Everyone and everything wants a piece of me…!!! 😐 )