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We’re still alive and kicking. 😉 Were surprised by a virus of some sort this past weekend. Dd #2 had a sore throat last Tues. and was feeling pretty poorly by Thurs. We didn’t think much more would come of it as the rest of us were feeling fine. Thurs. we were all bustling to get out the door to get to my last midwife appt. on time when dh called to get specific directions to the new clinic. The appt. was rescheduled again though as they had been up all night again…with 2 births this time. Funny how that works huh? 😉 Anyway, we more leisurely went out the door to go to just the library this time. (Picked up a couple things at the store on our way home…can never just be one thing while you are out. 😉 ) Fri. we spent the afternoon at the park with my cousin and her two boys. Her daughter had gone to my Uncle and Aunt’s house a day earlier than the rest of her family who were going down for their church’s “camp meetings” this week. My girls were bummed and my cousin was sorry she forgot about our park day before telling her daughter she could go with her Grandpa because she knew she would be bummed too. 😦 We’ll just have to plan another… Don’t know when though as they are in DJ through the summer with a possible permanent (1-2 yr) move there after November. Anyhoo… Everyone else was still well until bedtime on Friday. Dd #1 said she had a sore throat and didn’t stay up to wait for Grammy and Bumpa as long as the others did. We weren’t sure when exactly they’d be arriving so I finally sent the others to bed around 11pm. Didn’t worry too much about the daughter who went to be earlier as her sister hadn’t gotten more than what seemed to be a bad cold (she had eventually complained of headaches, stuffy nose, etc.) My parents arrived a little after midnight after everyone had gone to bed. 🙄 We tucked them in and headed off to bed again ourselves. 😉 The next morning not only was dd#1 ill but both sons as well. Dd #1 slept all day and even though ds was not feeling too well he went on errands with his grandparents and dd#2. Saturday night dd#1 and both sons had very high fevers and dd was throwing up. Dd #3 now tells us she has the headache and sore throat that start with all the others too. *sigh* Noone else threw up though thankfully. So, Sunday was very subdued here to say the least! Ds #2 even woke up with a horrible looking weird fever (I’m assuming) rash! We all sat around reading and chatting. Fun weekend for my parents! LOL Actually, it was relaxing for them and they didn’t mind the downtime. 😉 They left late Sun. afternoon. And guess what?? I noticed my throat was sore and I had a headache! 😯

Needless to say, we’ve all been in recovery this week. My head finally feels like it’s clear today even if my nose isn’t completely. My throat is still scratchy and I have a slight cough. Everyone else is in the same boat so I think it’s prit’near gone. Sorry to have been so dull here in the blog…but I’m sure you all understand. 😉

Blessings to all and, if I don’t get back here between then and now, may this coming weekend be a healthy and fun one for everyone as well!

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