Speaking of cold weather…we had our first frost last night! The temp was exactly 32° F when I checked at 7:30am! That means it might have gotten even colder. We sure could tell. In the middle of the night, dh woke and commented on it then turned on a small electric heater in our room so the two “babies” (Q. is still in our room also) wouldn’t be too uncomfortable. (Our room is the chilliest of the house. It faces northwest being the biggest reason…no time during the day or evening to warm it via the sun. That’s nice though in the dead of summer…not the dead of winter…or the beginning of it! 😆 )

I do believe I’ve reported this every year since beginning this blog…so, there you go! The leaves will be changing more rapidly now and we’ll have to batten down the hatches sooner than we want to think about.

On a similar vein, we had our first fire in the fireplace a week ago Wednesday (8/24). We haven’t had one every day but it seems we will be now. If you’ve been reading a while you’ll recall, we turn the furnace off in the early spring – when the temps are finally warm enough to endure it – and don’t turn it back on until the temps are just too uncomfortable any more. Several reasons… It sure has been an energy efficient thing to do regardless of the other reasons! Marysue knows what I’m talking about…same, only different. 😉