The hens are laying again!

9/10/05 2 (Miriam and Fluff)

9/12/05 2 (Miriam and Lacey)

Way to go Miriam. 😉

We (me and the children) were so thrilled with the two eggs on Saturday you would have thought they were the first ever for us! LOL Silly me, I’ve been checking half heartedly this whole time…habits die hard and it’s a good habit that I wanted to keep. 😉 It got to the point though that the children were telling me not to because “you know it will be disappointing.” LOL I knew laying would probably be happening again soon though as there had been some yolk mixed with their droppings and then some whites for a few days. I missed Miriam’s in the carrier earlier in the morning although I did notice that there had been some “activity” in the straw. Then, as I stood by the pen later in the day w/ B. tossing them some scraps, B. bent down to hand feed them something and started hollering, “An egg, an egg!!” Both of us had seen it but were oblivious to it as we weren’t expecting/looking for one. Later, she said she thought it was a mushroom and my brain must have registered it as a rock or something. After retrieving that one from the pen, I checked the carrier again “just in case” and sure enough an egg was there!

It seems they are getting back to an every other day pattern so I’m not expecting any today…but I can hope/wish! I like pleasant surprises. 🙂