Just 4 days shy of her 5th month bday, P. officially pushed herself up on her hands and knees for the first time!! I witnessed her achieve this new milestone just as I was about to get out of bed this morning. She was close yesterday and I helped her a little by supporting her tummy with my hand. She’s a quick study I tell you! 😉 Show her one time and she’s got it! LOL

She’s been drawing her knees up and pushing herself forward for two months now. Been turning herself in one direction or the other for about a month. (Began rolling over when she was a couple of months old also.)

I do believe this is the earliest we’ve had a baby do these things…although Q. was pretty anxious to get up and get moving too…I’ll have to go back into the “archives” and verify…

A bittersweet moment to say the least! 😕