Our new neighbors began moving in Monday.

Our old neighbors (the second we’ve had in the house “down” from us) lived there for 4 1/2 years. (Half the time we’ve been here.) We’ll miss them. Not that we were terribly close but I’ll get more into why in a minute. Their last day was the 22nd. My parents were here and my mother and I were headed out to do errands but before we left I said goodbye and helped carry over an end table they gave us. They actually gave us quite a bit of stuff over the last couple of weeks. Two weekends ago, we inherited most of their houseplants and about a half dozen boxes with glasswear, some dishes, mugs and a few other things. Last weekend, they cleaned out their cupboards and pantry – what a blessing that was with all the “hollow legs” we have around here. 😉 This past Tuesday they cleaned out their fridge and freezer! What timing God has huh?! I had to put over-flow that wouldn’t fit into our small fridge freezer into a large cooler. That same day my parents call and say they are coming up the next day to get our freezer for us! I put the cooler on the deck in the cool night air and everything was still nicely frozen Wednesday before they arrived. (Actually, one or two packages on top were just starting to get soft but not enough that refreezing was going to spoil anything.)

The ironic thing is is that I had totally torn apart the pantry a few weeks before and had taken a couple of weeks to put it back together. Then, when I had it back together, I totally cleared out all my cabinets to wash and reorganize them. So, the pantry had plenty of space and now the cabinets were (almost) ready for receiving “new” items! I had just finished cleaning out the dining area too which was a blessing in disguise because now there was room for the freezer and for me to “process” all this “new” food stuff! Wow. How God works…

I still don’t have my kitchen totally put back together. I hope to have it totally completed by the end of this weekend. It always amazes me how fast you can tear something apart and how looong the putting back together seems to take. *ugh* 🙄

Anyway, so we inherited a tv stand and a couple of endtables too. My living room is more and more like a warehouse every day! LOL I realize we could have said no but how rude that would have been. 😉 Plus, we have no quams about burning old furniture we don’t want…no kidding! 😀 Actually, since we are in the midst of this remodeling still, we don’t mind having second hand stuff as it tends to get a little beaten up in a short time.

I’m beginning to ramble a bit here so on to our new neighbors again. We (meaning mostly me but my dh too) aren’t sure we are happy about having these new neighbors. When we moved in 8 (nearly 9) years ago, the original owner of that house still lived there. I’m not sure how many children she may have had but she was divorced and had a late teenage then early adult son still living with her by the time she sold to our most recent old neighbors. The neighbors that just moved also had “grown and gone” children…except an early adult son that still lived with them while attending the local university. We’ve never lived near people who had young children…even when we lived in the condos. There was one little boy who was about 2-4yrs when our oldest was newborn to 2yrs. Because of the age and gender differences, they didn’t play together.

My point, we’ve never had to “worry” about the “can we go play/can they come play” thing. No passing of bad ideas/attitudes/etc. from neighbor children whose parents don’t hold to the same values we do.

These new neighbors have two little boys (so I’m told) about 4 and 6 yrs (approx.). I know it’s too soon to judge – they’ve only just moved in for heaven’s sake! But, my pristine little world has been invaded is my initial reaction. A close homeschool friend told me not to worry, they’ll probably be in daycare or public school all day. Wow, the guilt in thinking I might like it if they were! 😦 I mean, I don’t want to subject my own children to that so I shouldn’t I wish it on anyone else… Then, I thought it might be cool if they homeschooled. Not that they’d have to be as serious about school hours as we do because of the ages and number of their children…but they could understand more than not what we had going on. Even if they were in public school though (or homeschooled), there’s the weekends. I’m not an isolationist…but, man, we had it so easy for so long!! LOL 😉

I’m sure it will all be fine. Their moving van was there Mon. from 4pm to about 11pm. There was a smaller truck there yesterday for a brief time. We have yet to meet them (actually, dh briefly introduced himself when he saw the old neighbor and the new neighbor together on the 23rd – handing over the key after cleaning I think) but I’m sure before the week is out we will. Give them some time to settle in and enjoy the excitement of a new home. One with lots of space inside and out (they have two lots) and a good view (they are at the brow of the hill with the Inlet spread out in front). (Yes, we wished we could have bought it. 😉 $392K was a little steep though!) I suppose it would be neighborly for me to bring over cookies or something. Get off on a good footing… 😉

Well, I have children to feed and a kitchen to put back together amongst other things. Must away!

A blessed day to all! 🙂