A dear lady from an elist I’m on was so kind as to send me some Kefir grains recently! I checked the mail late in the evening on Tues. and they were nearly frozen. I let them sit out on the kitchen counter all night/day and this evening I opened them up to strain/restart them. I strained them into a large glass jar with a jelly filter and, not wanting to waste any good stuff, some water to rinse out the baggy. When it was nearly done straining, I used a plastic spoon to scoop out the mothers (3) and plopped them into another large glass jar that I had some fresh organic milk in waiting for them. Then, I scraped the curds from the jelly filter and stirred them back into the whey and restrained them to make sure I didn’t miss any. I stirred slowly to keep as much as the curds mixed with whey as I could. There were curds lining the filter despite this so I scooped them out a spoonful at a time and placed a spoonful each into a cup which I then mixed with some natural vanilla yogurt and gave one to each child. The whey made a wonderful smoothie with some frozen strawberries and honey.

The kefir starter that arrived was pretty sour and I read that it’s recommended that it be thrown out. I don’t like wasting anything if I can help it and I like “strong” things – spicy, sour, herbed-up…doesn’t matter – and I’ve trained my children’s palate to enjoy the same things. (They’ll readily eat my unsweetened homemade yogurt. 😉 ) So, we ate it! And, it was great! 🙂 Granted, the yogurt cut it some…but still, we thought it wonderful.

Our house is really on the chilly side now all the time so I’m not sure when the new kefir will be ready. It’s in my pantry at the moment (which is dark most of the time) as, the few cabinets available, are full. I think I’ll make room in my pots/pans cabinet though as it’s warmer and darker there more than the pantry.


This is going to be a fun new experiment! 😀