I wrote this as a quick response to a lady that is on an elist with me and had questions about the book. I decided to share my response here as a “quicky-review” for others who may be interested in knowing more about it as well.

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I’ve just finished reading this book. Interestingly enough, I’ve
gleaned a lot of the info over the years from various sources. There
was enough new info though to make it a good read overall and I
recommend it – especially if you are new to “healthy” eating.

The first part of the book covers his battle and win over Crohn’s disease. It also has some testamonies from other’s who have followed this way of eating.

He gives the pros and cons of various “diets” including (but not
limited to): SAD (standard american diet – no pros! ha!), Hallelujah,
vegan, etc.

He is pro “clean meat” based on biblical dietary laws. He doesn’t
recommend food combining necessary – except the melon thing _____
mentioned. Yes, ORGANIC! Raw dairy if possible. Cow dairy is ok-ed
if you don’t have access to other forms but cultured preferably.

He guides you through a 40 day process. The beginning phase is very
restricted but if you’ve done any natural health cleansing, you’ll
understand why, what and how. 😉 The second phase reintroduces some restricted foods. It ends with the third phase which reintroduces the rest of the “good for you foods” and he recommends as the eating plan all should stick to for “life.” He does say that “slipping” occasionally isn’t the end of the word and just get back on the health wagon again as soon as possible.

What was most refreshing to me was that the author is a Christian. I
had seen his before and after photos in health magazines for years and read the blurbs but I did not realize he was a believer. Obviously, I knew there must be some sort of “Christian-faith thing” because of the title but I was a little leery of what new-agey stuff might be included. None that I saw! Also refreshing was his integration of mind and spirit not just physical. He encourages you to have prayer times in the morning, evening and throughout the day to keep your focus right – and not just the food angle. Exercise is approached naturally too. He does not advocate aerobic exercise but that which is natural to the body – walking being the most obvious. All in all, a very balanced approach imo.

Many of the recipes included are used with permission from the book
Nourishing Traditions.

Hope this was helpful. Again, I really enjoyed reading it and it
expresses the direction that our family has been trying to go in
health and diet wise the last few years.