This afternoon (only just a few moments ago) marked a new experience in my mothering journey.

One of the new neighbor’s children is in our yard…uninvited…to play with my children. This is the first they’ve been out to play since winter started (in ernest) so it’s the first opportunity for such to occur.

I’m deciding how to handle it as I type. Their father is out clearing their driveway and I need to do the same to ours. My dh will be home from errands shortly so maybe I won’t have to.

But, I do have to go do something about trespassing wandering children since it has been brought to my atttention.

Do I sound inhospitable? (Irony: I’m reading a bible study on hospitality. 😐 )

Forgive me. This is a new thing for me. I grew up with few neighbors…in fact, very few people let alone children, out where we lived. People kept to themselves and only those really acquainted with you came onto your property without an invitation.

Living in the city without children still allowed one to keep to ones self until proper introductions and invitations were presented.

Living in a semi-not-quite-subdivision with no children (until now) kept it that way.

Hmmm… Off I go to be more involved with this new experience.