As you can see, I’ve added my weather plugin again in the sidebar. I had deactivated it because, although it looks fine on the front page, it does weird things behind the scenes in admin. We’ll see how long I suffer with it…before I either find a way to fix it or bag it entirely again.

Speaking of the weather though ;-), a chinook is passing through! You know what that means right? The snow is melting! Yay! 😀

Now, I’m not foolish enough to think we won’t get any more and cold weather won’t return…but it’s been downright frigid for the last two months and this is a very welcome break!

It was 40°F at 9am this morning! (Reminder: We seem to average 10° warmer than the sidebar indicates.) We don’t seem to be getting the light freezing rain but down the hill in town it probably is. Will make for some dangerous roads today…