My dh has been working looong hours and therefore was unable to keep up with Advent readings with us. So, since the children and I fell far behind anticipating his participation with us everyday, we switched our Advent activities to these:

Gathering Around the Advent Wreath

Children’s Bulletins

Jesse Tree

We spent about three days “catching up” and are now on track and enjoying ourselves much more. 🙂

I remember I had linked to this site last year and made a mental note that I wanted to do the Jesse Tree activities using a small tabletop tree for it. Each child has now made at least two ornaments (taking turns) and I must say I enjoy looking at their simple yet colorful ones much more than the store-bought-some-how-aquired-conglomeration of small ornaments we had on there before. 😉

Advent has now come alive for us!

Except, we still miss Daddy… 😦

I’m not sure what we will do next year. I intend to save these ornaments…too precious to think of tossing out right now. I’ve heard the Jotham’s Journey “series” is good and may use that next year. I’ve been unable to find them via Inter-library loan though and am hesitant about purchasing anything I have not perused yet in this regard.

Ah well. This Advent isn’t over yet! Plenty of time to decide… 😀