Ok, one more post. 😉 (Besides the other two mentioned.)

Hurray for the Solstice!! The shortest day of the year has arrived and that’s good news for us daylight deprived AKans!! Tomorrow we start gaining again…a whole whopping 7 secs…but gaining never-the-less! Makes me one happy lady. 😀

Statistical Data

December 21, 2005

Rise times first. Set times second.

Actual Time 10:12 AM AKST 3:42 PM AKST

Civil Twilight 9:10 AM AKST 4:44 PM AKST

Nautical Twilight 8:11 AM AKST 5:43 PM AKST

Astronomical Twilight 7:17 AM AKST 6:37 PM AKST

Moon 11:01 PM AKST 1:01 PM AKST

Length Of Visible Light: 7h 33m

Length of Day 5h 29m

Tomorrow will be 0m 7s longer.

Yup, today will be just 1 minute less than 5 ½ hours of usable day-light hours long. Makes it hard to feel like you are totally awake before the day is even over. *yawn* But, all that will be a-changin’ on the ‘morrow – slowly yet steadily. 😀