As usual another month flies by…

To begin, my dear friend Grace loaned me an extra grain mill that she had. This was a month of experimenting with freshly ground flour. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and my family has enjoyed the fruits of my labor! πŸ˜‰ Another dear friend, albeit online and not “irl”, wants me to do a photo post showing the process and my adventures. I would love to do that – and will – as soon as the holidays are behind us. With Thanksgiving over and beginning the Advent season, etc., I’m a little too preoccupied to lay it all out right now. I did take the pictures already…it’s just having the time to arrange them and whatnot without distractions, interuptions… I’m sure you know what I mean eh Rebekah? πŸ˜‰

Egg Report

Ok, let’s get this pathetic little accounting task over…

A total of 38 eggs laid with Fluff and Lacey being (at a glance) pretty equally consistent and Miriam lagging.

Snow Report

11/6 = ½ ”

11/15 = 2 ½ ”

Night of 11/17 (close to midnight) assures in a Chinook – temp is 36 ° F ! The next morning (11/18), all the snow on the deck has melted and the temp is up to 40 ° F ! The following day (11/19) temps are still warm but we received some snow to replace what was lost. πŸ™„

11/19 = 4 ”

Then, we get 3 days of snow fall on top of that! Most of it occuring on Thanksgiving Day when we needed to head out of town to celebrate at friend’s home. *yikes* 😯 We were nearly in a couple of pile-ups…but God was meriful and had His protecting hand on us. πŸ™‚ We did see at least 3 other accidents and lost count of the numerous vehicles in the ditches.

11/22 – 11/29 = 11 ½ “

Total Snow Accumulation = 18 ½ ”


As mentioned above, we celebrated Thanksgiving with some friends. My father was out of state for the month and my mother didn’t have any time off – particularly the holiday. The aunt and uncle who we usually spend it with had other plans too…my uncle was working and my aunt had previous commitments with her daughter involving swim practices and stuff. Not on Thanksgiving day of course. But, they have a pretty busy schedule and really wanted to “chill” and having our large family wouldn’t have been that for them. Not that she said anything…but I could tell and we agreed to make seperate plans this year. So, off to Palmer we went, and despite the snow and yucky driving conditions we had a wonderful time at our friend’s house. A homeschooling family of 9 (still at home)…which made 15 children to 4 adults! Never fear…all very well trained and it was a blessed time rather than chaotic…as some would think. πŸ˜‰ Even during the meal, peace reigned and except for one cup tipping, manners, etc. were superb! A Thanksgiving dinner we will remember for a very long time. πŸ™‚


Same ole, same ole. Pushing hard to finish up the studies we’ve been doing for about a year now. Pregnancies/postpartum can really slow a Mama-Teacher down. πŸ˜‰ The basic plan is to finish up our math and Ancient History studies before the end of the year so we can have a fresh slate to begin new things at the beginning of a new year. I think we can do it if we keep our noses to the proverbial grindstone…


I noted on 11/10 that Q. called an Oscar (Sesame Street) toy of P.’s “grass” when asked what color it was!! LOL (Forget the name of the character – we don’t “do” S.S. around here.) He knew most of the other colors of the toys with the exception of pink (dark pink) which he called red as well. Pretty clever though to associate that name with something he hasn’t seen for months! πŸ˜€ LOL

On that happy note, thus ends the November in Review post. Took me long enough huh? A whole month! *sheesh* πŸ™„ I’ll try to be quicker with the Dec. one.

Until then, blessings to all! πŸ™‚