Hello December, Goodbye 2005!

The last month of the year has come and gone for 2005. Here’s my review for posterity:

Egg Report

Once again, let’s get this pathetic tally over with. Remember, this is for my sake – no one else’s. πŸ˜‰

7. That’s right. Total = 7 😦 Lacey laid all but one (that was Fluff). *shakes head* I know why but wish it weren’t so. Hoping things turn around for them in the New Year… Really, is this silly or what?! πŸ™„ Things are still as of this writing up in the air for us in many ways. At this point I can’t say (dare I hope? 😐 )whether we will be able to start a new flock or not. I hoped all last spring and summer and it didn’t pan out. I don’t think I can build my hopes like that again. I just really want to be content with the hennies we have because they really are nice chickens (as far as chickens go πŸ˜‰ ) and I’d like for them to produce to the best of their ability. πŸ™‚

Snow/Weather Report

12/02 = 2 ”

12/07 another Chinook begins! Temp is 40 ° F at 3am or so when I get up to get some water and take the children to the bathroom.

12/08 the temp climbs to 43 ° F – WoW! 😯 So nice! Wish it would stay… Yeah, right! πŸ™„

12/13 = 5 ” Snow to make up what melted the previous week. Temps are still mild though (hi 20s, lo 30s) and that’s a big relief considering the situation we are in.

12/15 a Chinook comes through again! What whacky weather! Temp 44 ° F @ 9am!

12/16 Weather whackier than yesterday! 48 ° F @ 1:30am this morning! High winds through the night before…higher than this year’s previous Chinooks…but not has high as other storms.

12/20 = ¼ ”

12/23 = 3 ¾ ”

The temps have been mild again up to the end of the month.

Total Snow Accumulation = 11 “

Whew. What a year. Not a good one for us. I didn’t write about our woes here in depth. No need to. God willed it this way. He continually sustains us and waits patiently for us to learn lessons of humility, contentment, meekness, quietness, listening (for His still small voice) and so many others. It’s hard to not ask “Why?” Job has been and continues to be my favorite book of the Bible. Oh, to be as righteous as Job and as confident that the trials we are suffering are through no fault of our own!


12/3/05 P. started consistently saying the “ba-ba” sound. I think she means it as “baby” as it’s very purposeful when she does it.

12/29/05 P.’s 1rst tooth is in!! Bottom right central incisor. She was cutting this tooth the entire month of December! Her relief can not be greater than ours. About equal I’d say – and very great! πŸ˜‰ A real crabmister on the days it was bothering her the most. Absolutely no predicting which days would be her worst though…of course. πŸ™„ Off and on constantly for a month…ugh. Like I said, her relief can not be greater than ours. πŸ™‚

Maybe now Mama can dare to sleep… *yawn*


12/18/06 The annual Caroling Party @ Uncle H. and Aunt P.’s house. Once more a ton of fun was had by all and once more one of the hilights (for our children) was successfully figuring out who was playing Santa. πŸ˜‰ (We don’t “do” Santa in our home but they make a great game of it elsewhere.)

12/22/06 We had a great time at Aunt J.’s house making a bunch of Christmas cookies! *yum-yum*

12/25/06 Christmas! We spent it in what has become our traditional way – mix with some non-traditional that a new baby brings…my parents arrived Christmas Eve (earlier this year though as Mom had the day off), stayed up way too late, slept in (yes, even the children πŸ˜‰ ), Advent, stockings – munching on chocolate all the while πŸ™‚ , break for breakfast, present opening, get ready to leave, visiting and dinner @ Uncle G. and Aunt J.’s house, more opening of gifts, stayed up way too late, go home, collapse into bed – thankful that the baby is too tuckered out this year that she sleeps well this night despite still teething!! *whew*

12/31/05 I end this rough year in the most appropriate way – with an agonizing migraine!! So, bad that I feel sick to my stomach, have to lie in my room with the lights out and absolutely noone making noise!! Yeah, right. In a household of 6 children and one an 8 month old baby that is still nursing strong… 😐 *sigh* Eldest child was told to call Daddy at work and tell him that he must come home earlier than he anticipated. Not a problem basically working for himself…put it did put a damper on the project that he said they were an hour or two away from finishing. After 2 Tylenol and 2 extra strength valerian tablets, I’m ok by about 11pm. Manage to eat the late dinner dh made around 10pm, so that helped too as my stomach settled once I was able to rest. Dh watched a movie with the kiddos while I rested in bed some more. Eldest dd didn’t want to watch the movie so she laid next to me quietly reading. Had a good show of fireworks from our front porch from around the neighborhood despite them being illegal. πŸ˜‰ Think all of those settled by 12:45am and dh got all the children into bed by about 1:30am. (Obviously, I’m writing this last little bit on the first day of the New Year but I’m going to keep it Dec. 31, 2005 for organizing’s sake.)

Good riddance 2005! May God be meriful and grant us a better 2006!!