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January in Review

Egg Report

We had a nice little pick up in production finally toward the end of the month.

1/18/06 1 (M. XX large – double yolk)

1/20/06 2 (M. Xlarge, L. small)

1/22/06 2 (M. large, L. small)

1/24/06 2 (F. regular – finally she lays!, L. regular)

1/25/06 1 (L.)

1/27/06 2 (F. & L.)

Total Eggs = 10 Not a lot…but more than last month. 😐

Snow Report

1/15/06 2 ½ ”

1/22/06 6 ”

Total = 8 ½ “

I haven’t been doing a “to-date total accumulation” because I spaced out that I used to do that. I’ll do it with next month’s review.


1/03/06 P. said “Mama” today!!! No matter how many children you have, it’s always – ALWAYS – a special moment to hear your littlest one say it loud and clear for the first time! She’s been practicing mmm, mamama, bababa for the last couple of months…but the connection between ME and that sound has been definitively made now! Sooo sweet! 😀 She said it twice upon waking in her crib wanting me to come get her and then in the afternoon when one of my older daughters who was holding her brought her to me.


12/23/06 The month of my birthday has come and gone. 35 yrs in case you are wondering. 😉 Some people don’t like to give their age. I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me in the least. Strangely, I’ve always felt the intense press of time…I cried when I turned 8yo. Yes, *8yo.* I didn’t want to turn 8 because I was getting sooo old. 🙄 The older I’ve gotten though the less it’s bothered me. In the same sort of way. The closer I march to old age and eventual death, the more I think about how much I will miss my family here on earth. But, death doesn’t scare me. I look forward to Heaven and finding out what’s on “the other side.” Meeting (believing) loved ones passed on is also a sweet thought. Kinda morbid for not-quite-middle-age birthday thoughts… It’s almost a numb feeling, a glossing over of the loss of youth. Our society puts too much emphasis on it anyway. There’s great value in the experience and wisdom I’ve gained over the years…and I look forward to what the future years bring in that regard.

The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness. —Pro 16:31

Yup, the grey hairs are creeping in there. 😉

The most recent picture of me…and dh…and Santa. 😉

If a decent picture comes off my mother’s or aunt’s (where we celebrated on the 21rst – she makes dinner for me if dh and I don’t make other plans) camera then I’ll share one from my actual bday celebration.

*sigh* I may not mind getting older but I do mind that the “baby fat” is still clinging. Must hit the treadmill more often. Exercise is the key because we already eat healthfully the majority of the time and I do know how to control myself. 😉 I want to be my best at whatever age! 😀

Homeschool Blog

Activity in the schoolroom today! I discovered that I had not posted our book list from last week. It was still saved as a draft when I went over there this evening to start a draft of the books we are currently finishing. *sigh* I’m feeling a little scattered but I’m hoping to clear up some things before the end of this month and that will help me feel like I’m organized/on the right track again in several areas of life.

Also, since I’ve been doing a lot of reading for the children’s school time, my personal reading (listed in the sidebar) has pretty much been put on hold. I *know* I’ve been reading the same books forever…but I’ve promised myself I *will* finish these before I start another three two one… 😉 Sometimes I’m able to get in a sentence or two while I briefly sit down and try to sip a cup of tea…or just before I drift off to sleep…so, I am making progress…such as it is. I bought a bunch of good books just before P. was born (just about 3 months shy of a year ago – can you believe it?!?! 😯 )…When You Rise Up being one…and I’m just chomping at the bit to get to them! *sigh* Excercising patience and shelf-control. (LOL I just caught the typo in the last sentence! You could say *that’s* true too – “shelf” control! 😆 ) I could have dozens of books going at one time (and have sometimes) but I found that inefficient to retaining information at times. 😳

Anyway, pop over there and scroll down to Jan. 9th if you want to see what books we’ve been enjoying these past cold winter days! 🙂

Homeschool Blog

Activity in the schoolroom today! 🙂

Homeschool Blog

Activity in the schoolroom today! 🙂

Free Ads!

I am offering 5 free ads in my Blogads space for the first 5 people who contact me! (One ad per person.) You may choose to be freatured in one of my three blogs. Ads will run for 1 week. Ads must be family friendly. You may email me at tamara @ waynehunt . com (remove spaces) to request this offer and note which blog you prefer (main blog, school blog or garden blog). If you would like to reciprocate in some way, I’m willing to “barter” more ad space in exchange for your service or goods or ad space on your blog. Thanks! 🙂

Update 1/26/06: Bumping this up as there are still a couple of spaces available! Two people have said they are interested but haven’t placed their ads. It is still first-come first-served so…there are 4 left if they don’t act. 2 left if they do. 😉

Check out the schoolroom for our most recent Sponsor! 🙂

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