Activity in the schoolroom today! I discovered that I had not posted our book list from last week. It was still saved as a draft when I went over there this evening to start a draft of the books we are currently finishing. *sigh* I’m feeling a little scattered but I’m hoping to clear up some things before the end of this month and that will help me feel like I’m organized/on the right track again in several areas of life.

Also, since I’ve been doing a lot of reading for the children’s school time, my personal reading (listed in the sidebar) has pretty much been put on hold. I *know* I’ve been reading the same books forever…but I’ve promised myself I *will* finish these before I start another three two one… 😉 Sometimes I’m able to get in a sentence or two while I briefly sit down and try to sip a cup of tea…or just before I drift off to sleep…so, I am making progress…such as it is. I bought a bunch of good books just before P. was born (just about 3 months shy of a year ago – can you believe it?!?! 😯 )…When You Rise Up being one…and I’m just chomping at the bit to get to them! *sigh* Excercising patience and shelf-control. (LOL I just caught the typo in the last sentence! You could say *that’s* true too – “shelf” control! 😆 ) I could have dozens of books going at one time (and have sometimes) but I found that inefficient to retaining information at times. 😳

Anyway, pop over there and scroll down to Jan. 9th if you want to see what books we’ve been enjoying these past cold winter days! 🙂