Let’s Have a Hot Cup of…Clutter?

Let’s take a look at the most All-American drink going, good old coffee. Some people really enjoy their coffee and probably will continue to forever, but what do most coffee drinkers, of the thousands we know, have to say in their own words abou the habit? “I really need to cut down on my coffee or quit.”

Aside from not helping nerves or heart or kidneys or stomach , what does the coffee habit really do for us? It takes hours of time out of our life. We can’t do business at home or at the office without the inevitable wait for “coffee.” Often the whole operation has to be held up or delayed to get (or clean up after) coffee. “Coffee” often comes before calls, kids, or appointments – shouldn’t it worry us that we can’t seem to function without it?

It’s distracting to meet with or do business with someone who has to sip, stir, gulp, and gurgle coffee down all through the conversation. Or we have to walk slowly alongside as our colleague or client carries an overful cup of it, and it slops onto the rugs, desks – and sometimes our good gray suit.

Coffee spillage clean-up in this country (in clothes, furniture, carpets, buildings, vehicles, even airplanes) is a multimillion-dollar job. And with the coffee habit comes all manner of pots, grinders, cups, mugs, filters, strainers, and tools to administer it (and clutter our life).

It’s the time they take out of our life that ultimately makes many habits questionable. Watch some of the more efficient people you know work. You’ll notice that they aren’t necessarily any better or more skilled or faster workers than you – they just don’t have themselves burdened with so many junk things and so much personal consumption clutter.

Try to figure out exactly what the allure of coffee is for you. Half the time when you rush to the coffee machine for a “fix” you notice, an hour later, that you never did take more than a sip or two of it. Do you really like the taste of coffee? Are you sure a hot cup of anything wouldn’t fill the “ritual” role as well?

Don Aslett – Clutter’s Last Stand

If you are still with me (and all you coffee drinkers haven’t gotten your defenses up 😉 ), you can go here to read more of what I think about coffee.

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Oh, and since the writing of that post, my mother found and gifted me a copy of Helprin’s Swan Lake last year – not realizing how much I liked it! 🙂

Must run…busy day. A blessed weekend to all!