it pours. And, I’m not talking about our recent weather.

I’ve written a post previously with this title. This time it’s the dryer and grain mill.

Our main dryer was an older one. We have a “spare” dryer that we had hooked up in the garage for a while to speed up the laundry. It is older too. It hasn’t been hooked up for a while because dh was “reconfiguring” our laundry area. Anyhow, it’s the main dryer that broke so the plan is to try to use the parts from the second dryer to fix the first. I was informed that the second one was broken also though…only after the first broke…which was part of the reason it wasn’t hooked up yet. Anyway, not sure if it’s going to work…but if it will dh’s the guy who can figure it out. 😉 It broke this past Friday…talk about laundry piling up! I couldn’t stand it any more and washed three loads. My aunt lives just down the road…I’m hoping she’ll be home this evening and I can borrow her dryer for a while. If dh doesn’t get to it soon, I think we’ll have to string clothesline in the basement. So much for speeding up the laundry… 🙄 *sigh*

Then, the “new” grain mill quit today. I think I mentioned that a friend had been letting me use an extra one she had… Well, she said she gave it to me 😉 but now it’s having the same problem she originally got it fixed for and got a second one sent to her to boot! (That’s why this one was “extra.” 😉 ) Again, not sure how it’s going to turn out but I sure was getting used to having it around. 😦 *sigh again*

On a brighter note, it isn’t raining any more. At least, not up here on “Hillside.” We had quite a blizzard…for a while…all of 15 minutes maybe…more than once…but a few dustings of snow have been left. That, and the fact the sand trucks have probably had time to get all around town now, helps the roads quite a bit. Dh is doing some work away from home today so I’m glad for that. The sun has also peeked out from behind the clouds off and on. That brightens me up too. 🙂