I recently read The Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook by Gerald Lestz. (OOP – I asked Jeeves 😉 and came up with a few resellers links though.)

Yes, I know it wasn’t listed in the sidebar. I’ve actually read quite a few books this past year that I haven’t listed there just because they looked good, got them from the library, cruised through them and didn’t have the time to list them. Maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten through the books I do have listed very fast?! LOL I’d say so! *nodding head*

Pardon that aside… Anyway, it’s a small book and thus a quick read. It gives a brief history of the Amish (as well as mentioning Lutheran and Reformed) at the beginning and then has many old Amish recipes. The author states,

Many of the recipes in this book date back to the open hearth when the fireplace was not only the source of heat and light but the oven, as well. Some are more recent and others have never been published or listed anywhere.

There are also many interesting anecdotal quips relating to various recipes such as how the recipe came about or how long it’s been in a particular family, or little tips that make a recipe better, etc.

My oldest daughter read through it too and found many recipes she wants us to try. We’ll share them here if we do. 🙂