The temp reached 50 ° F today! Know what that means don’t you? Shirt sleeves! Woohoo! 😀

I sat out on the deck (in the foot and a half strip under the eaves that’s not covered with snow) and enjoyed a cup of tea and a homeschool catalog. The children played…in the snow…in shirt sleeves. Granted, they still had their snowboots and mittens on. 😉 I even attempted some gardening…for about 30 secs! *ha* But, as I was contemplating emptying the 3 left over pots on the deck – 1 tomato and 2 flower – I noticed that the Dianthus that was in one had new fresh green (what a wonderful color!) leaves!! No kidding. It’s not even the end of February yet!

The mountains have the least amount of snow on them I’ve ever seen at this time of year. And, we drove out to our friends’ house (where we had Thanksgiving dinner) on Sunday and I couldn’t believe how little snow was on the ground from here to there. Amazing. We did hit some snow on the way home but all in all it didn’t add much to the total year accumulation.

After living here all my life, I of course know better than to have such wishful thoughts…buuuuut, wouldn’t it be great if it didn’t snow another flake and we really truly had an early spring?!?! :mrgreen:

Ok, pull me back out of the clouds. There is bound to be a good dumping or two left before this winter’s over. *sigh* I need to go oogle that Dianthus some more. 😉