Yes! I’m scaling that peak again…and couldn’t be happier to be doing so! 🙂

We went 11 days without doing laundry. I finally washed four loads and hung one out on our large deck railing. I called dh and suggested maybe getting one of those “accordian type” drying racks because it’s been really nice out and I like hanging laundry outside anyway. (I couldn’t find the rope we used last year – think dh used it for something – or I would have rigged up something myself.) Anyway, when he came home, he made the time to finally look at those dryers. Things were getting desperate around here I tell ya. 😉 He got one going and, so far, we have dry laundry coming out of it!

I’m going to finish drying those loads I have done and get back on track with laundry tomorrow all the while praising God for His help in reviving an old servant! 🙂